Background Verification is an important aspect in today’s time as one cannot be judged by his or her face that whether he/she has a criminal background or not. Due to the increased number of crime rates, people should be more vigilant and concerned about whom they are recruiting as their domestic help. Maximum number of criminal cases has been found wherein a domestic helper is majorly involved as when working inside our homes they have the access to our personal information as well so it is very important to domestic worker verification done.

Background checks help in safeguarding our homes children and other family members. It promotes an overall safety at home for the ones we love the most. It is important to keep a close watch on the activities of our domestic helpers as well. Whether they are doing their work sincerely or not, Online worker verification helps in determining one’s past background record , whether he or she holds any criminal record, also it is important to confirm where he or she has worked in the past , is she or he sincere enough regarding his or her work. When hiring nanny or maids, one must keep a close watch on how she behaves with older people, whether she takes care of them or not, how she behaves with children? Or is she careless and does not bother enough to take care of them.

Background Verification of domestic help can help in determining the overall nature of the person. It also helps to illuminate the possible risks and helps in security of ourselves as well as our loved ones. People often do not bother to get their domestic helpers verified as they could be already known to them through some other known sources who also have the same domestic helper recruited but this should not be an excuse and should be treated as a major concern by every individual .Maid’s should have an identity proof after verification in order to work in households, without Identity card he or he should not be permitted ,Parents should remain alert when leaving their children and elderly parents in the care of nanny’s and ayahs and should keep a regular record of their activities. Background Verification should be done by trusted domains which follows all the required steps properly and without any negligence. This should follow all forms of checks such as – address check (where he or she lives or belongs from), criminal record check and police verification , identity verification and reference check. All of these come under worker verification services.

Thus by following above steps of worker verification, one can ensure safety of oneself as well as their closed ones as prevention is better than cure .Companies like DEWII provides background verification services for domestic worker, tenant and employee conducting variety of checks from id verification to police registration in India.

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Abhishek Sarswat is a blogger cum writer who likes to speak about safety and security issues. In free time, he loves to eat and travel.