Wheelchair accessible service is not the same as other taxi bookings. WAV service must have lifting facility. Professional wheelchair accessible taxi services use more proficient mechanism. Professional services believe that mobility is a basic human right; anyone should not be deprived of it because of their physical disability. That'swhy taxi services across the country offer wheelchair accessible specific modelling. Besides, they provide user-friendly comfortable physical transfer for the differently-abled people.

If you are seriously concerned about hiring a wheelchair accessible taxi in Lyndhurst, then you must ask a few basic questions regarding their service and hiring procedure. Those answers will be helpful for you to take the right decision in choosing a professional wheelchair service.

Here are some question mentioned which you can ask:

Are all taxi hiring is wheelchair friendly?

Most companies provide WAV taxi service provider in Lynbrook for safety, comforting mobility monitoring. 

Do they provide 24*7 Service?

Yes. Mostly all company provides even night time service. 

Are the drivers skilled and capable of handling disabled people for lifting in the taxi?

Services who are excellent and reputable only hire skilled taxi drivers for the wheelchair-accessible taxis.  They go through an extensive process of technical skill learning for proper help and guidance for service hiring. Also, they are cordial and amiable in their behaviour. 

Is it possible to book a wheelchair-accessible cab for outstation?

Yes, it is possible t book mobitaxi for outstation.

How many passengers extra can travel apart from the person with a disability? 

In a standard taxi hiring, 3 people can travel at least apart from the wheelchair accessibility. That's why it becomes more convenient for outstation as well.  

Will the taxi provide with a sanitisation?

Yes. As many people come and seat, after every trip, the company workers clean the taxi with ultimate sanitisation kit. They spray and change the cover of the wheelchair seat as well. 

Is there any risk factor?

No, there is no risk factor. The driver will help you with strapping the belts properly. They check the time and again if the strap is properly tied. 

Does the service provide a different kind of wheelchair facility for health care and hospital?

Yes. The wheelchair taxi service accessibility for health care and hospital facilities are provided along aside these factors.

Is WAV services are budget-friendly?

Yes, they are budget-friendly. The cost of wheelchair accessibleservices are does not highly differ from other taxi service booking.  Although, in the time of demand, the charge might get higher according to the demand and accessibility. 

Is there any app available to pre-book the car?

You can search for online options. There are plenty of online WAV services booking available in your locality. You can easily book anyone of them.

Does the wheelchair service booking follow all the authority regulation?

Yes, without the authority regulating, the WAV services cannot drive the car in the city. 


If you are satisfied with the answers and completely rely on the service, then only book the service for WAV service or mobility accessibility.

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The author answers a few frequently asked question regarding wheelchair taxi hiring near Lyndhurst.