Here are some useful tips on how to handle the heat and to stay healthy and hydrated as you cycle. Remember a big part of your cycling comfort also comes from decent road bike fitting.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is not just essential for your health, it is also important for how you perform. There are a number of ways you can monitor your hydration and then how much you need to drink and you should also explore the differences between hypotonic and isotonic liquids. Keep in mind that it is possible to over drink too! One trick some riders use is to freeze the second bottle of liquid so that when you reach it, the liquid will be cool still but thawed.

Pace yourself

Think about the pace you set when cycling in hot conditions. You should be adjusting it to be more conservative early on, especially if your ride involves long climbs uphill. At low speeds, you do not get a headwind that can help to keep you cool.

Adapt your fuelling

When it is hot there is some change you need to make when it comes to what you fuel up on, and what you bring with you to stay fuelled as you ride. Chocolate is not a great idea in the heat! Since the heat can reduce a rider's appetite, take something that you will be tempted by.

Become acclimated

If you have a ride or an event coming somewhere specific with hotter and tougher conditions, prepare for them. Try to head earlier so you acclimatize to the heat. You can start even earlier from home just by turning up the heat while you train indoors. Monitor things like hydration and electrolyte levels and such. You and your cycling coaching team can come up with a better plan to be successful.

Check the air quality

When you are cycling in hot weather close to a city you also have to deal with reduced air quality. Check the weather forecasts for pollution level warnings and if you have a breathing condition it may be best to avoid riding in very bad conditions.

Think about the best times of day for cycling

When the sun gets hot it makes a lot more sense to change your riding times so that you are out at cooler times of the day. Head out earlier in the morning is the most ideal, but if not possible head out later in the evening. Remember to make sure you are visible to other road users.

Wear the best clothing

As well as important preparations with your bike like expert road bike fitting you should also prepare with the clothing you choose. Look for fabrics that wick sweat away even in your socks. Meshing adds a cooling effect. Make sure your shoes are ventilated too. Have a helmet that has plenty of vents.

Remember to put on sunblock

Sunblock helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer and such. Make sure you remember the back of your neck and remember to reapply when it is time.

After the ride is done

With your cycling coaching team, you should look to bring your body temperature down after the ride. Get into somewhere cool, have some blended ice in your recovery drink, have a cool shower or bath.

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