According to a report published by the Ecommerce Foundation, 7.94 percent of the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of the UK comes from ecommerce sales. It is an impressive performance by the industry by any yardstick. Ecommerce also accounts for more than 10 percent of the total retail sales of the country. By the end of 2019, industry experts believe that ecommerce in the UK will be worth more than 200 billion Euros.

Based on the above facts, it is hardly surprising that entrepreneurs in the UK are making a beeline to open their ecommerce business in the UK. They are aware that there is a huge business opportunity waiting to be explored and want to make the most of it. Of course, it is not easy to run an online store in the UK unless you have the support of a vital resource such as Esources.

To know how this popular trade directory service has been helping the UK and international traders make a great start in the industry, you can go through a few Esources review posts and blogs. These are opinions and reviews posted online by independent users and members of this reputed directory service.

What UK Consumers Are Looking For

Greater transparency and detailed information about products and services are what the UK consumers are looking for while shopping online. They want retailers to communicate better so that they can make informed buying decisions.

Many new retailers prefer using the Esources platform to launch their online store for the same reason. Esources review posts show how this B2B site offers several high-value e-courses to subscribers so that they can start on the right note. Esources also help them understand consumer preferences better so that they can cater to their niche audience accordingly.

Why Ecommerce Has a Magnetic Pull

In the UK, the ecommerce market size has been growing steadily (ONS Data) and has crossed 137 billion pounds in 2018. The steady and consistent growth of the ecommerce market has attracted the attention of many brick-and-mortar businesses who want to take their business online and make the most of the situation.

By signing up as an member, the UK, as well as international traders, can decode the intricacies of the market faster, establish their online store quickly without much hassle and start making profits without having to go through the long learning curve.

The Reasons Why Traders Prefer Esources

Esources is the most reliable and reputed B2B platform that’s committed to protecting the interests of trade buyers primarily. The portal is also a big boon for wholesale suppliers as it presents them with a readily available list of genuine trade buyers looking precisely for the kind of products they want to sell in bulk.

Esources offers free subscription advantage to industry newcomers. They can learn the UK ecommerce industry ropes faster and in great detail with the support provided by experts. The basic membership can be easily upgraded to premium level by paying a small monthly or annual fee. is the largest and fastest-growing trade directory service in the UK and a favorite of traders looking to make a mark in the UK ecommerce market. Esources review posts share information about the multiple benefits that members can enjoy by subscribing to their services.

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