Now that the global count of Coronavirus cases has crossed 10 million, people have started coming to terms with the fact that they’ll have to live with the ‘new normal’ for long. No matter which industry or field you take, norms have changed a lot with the printing industry as no exception.

People would consider face masks trivial accessories earlier. However, they are like a part and parcel of life. Of late, people have started looking for personalization even in face masks just like they do in all other fashion accessories. Rising to the occasion and to meet the ever-growing demand for custom masks, several fashion and print store owners have introduced custom masks as a fashion statement.

If you are an online print store owner, it is time you offered your customers custom masks as a new outdoor attire accessory and strike the right chord with them.

Read on the tips to boost sales of custom face masks easily.

Pick the Right Online Product Design Tool

Pick an online product design tool only after ensuring that it has the following features:
Responsiveness - To offer customers a seamless designing interface across all platforms that they can access anywhere anytime.
High Loading Speed - To keep customers engaged throughout and not put them off due to slow loading or functioning speed and increase bounce rates.
Customization of Multiple Products - To enable customers to customize a wide range of products (and not just face masks) to engage them better.
Multiple Comprehensive Personalization Options - To boost the conversion rate by letting customers to:
Upload custom images for masks
Upload their selfies or photos to print
Personalize masks with creative quotes, text, clipart images, etc.

Support for Print-Ready Design Output Files - To let customers preview final designs and edit them (if req.) before printing.

Price Differentiation Competencies - To offer a variety of pricing for customers to pick from based on their quantity and personalization elements they use.

Market Your Face Masks

Merely adding a custom face mask to your store won’t suffice. Marketing it is also equally valuable. Leave new customers aside, even your old permanent customers would need you to put some efforts to grab their attention.
Coming to on-site optimization, writing a blog or two on face masks and optimizing them for high-ranking keywords around face masks can work well. Further, submission of guest posts and SEO articles can help bring more traffic. Also, write a LinkedIn article announcing the launch of custom face masks to engage more quality traffic.

Equally crucial are social media marketing and email marketing. As long as you don’t promote your custom face masks through social media, emails, paid ads, etc. customers won’t notice what you have come up with to offer them.

Using all these ways, you can maximize your outreach to your customers with a combination of various channels and strategies.

Upgrade your FAQs Section

A new product brings with it a whole new possibility of a number of questions and concerns. And you have to answer all these questions and concerns that customers have got. To answer each customer individually is obviously not a practical idea.
Hence, upgrade your FAQs section with several common questions around custom masks to make it more informative and decision-driver.

You can include questions like:

How to Wash Face Masks?

This question needs an answer both from the design perspective and hygiene perspective.
Give information on which colors you have used and how to preserve those colors while washing. Alongside, educate customers on the value of timely sanitization and washing of face masks.

What fabric material do face masks consist of?

It is an important piece of information your customers must know. They should know which fabric you have used for mask manufacturing and why. Justify how the fabric you chose is a perfect fit for durability, hygiene, comfort, and ease of use.

How to Use Masks?

Though custom face masks appeal to customers primarily due to their attractive designs, their underlying purpose still remains the same - protection against COVID infection. Therefore, including instructions to wear and remove face masks, and dispose of them without exposing others to the risk of infection is a must.

Besides the above questions, you can include:

How long can I keep using a reusable mask?
How to know it is time to change my mask?
Does wearing a mask for longer periods pose risk hazards?
(A common concern though cleared by WHO)
Can I go out without masks for short walks or uncrowded places? Or should I carry a mask everywhere I go?
and provide satisfactory and sufficient information in answers to all such miscellaneous questions.

New Norms is the Truth

The world is looking to adopt the new normal. And customers’ behavior has changed a lot along with a number of unprecedented changes. Erstwhile of no use, custom face masks are so popular that one can’t imagine life without it.

Offering an online product design tool to customers to let them create and order personalized masks is the key to boosting your revenue again.

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