The elegant taste of stained kitchen cabinets is what most homeowners are looking for when doing a kitchen remodeling. However, some fail to do it perfectly because they lack skills. There are two options; you can either hire a professional to do the work for you or learn how to do it yourself (DIY). If the DIY is your option, then we will provide a few important tips that will guide you to perfect stained kitchen cabinets.
A comprehensive guide to perfect stained kitchen cabinets
Step 1: Choose Stain
This is the most important step as it determines the final look of your kitchen cabinets. You must have an idea of what you want your kitchen cabinets to look like when finished. The most important consideration is the color of the stain you are choosing. Remember, the color or shade will have an effect on how the room will feel. For example, if you pick a lighter stain, it will make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Darker stains make the kitchen feel cozier and warmer.

You also need to consider the type of wood that you have. While doing so, it is advisable to consider the natural color of the wood of your kitchen cabinets as they affect the final stained look.
Step 2: Clean surfaces and remove hardware
Before you start staining, you need to remove the doors, drawers, and any hardware on your kitchen cabinets. You only need to remove the doors if you are not staining them. You can leave the hinges but mask them to avoid the pain.
As an additional tip, you need to protect other kitchen areas such as the countertops and floors. You can use newspapers to cover those areas.
Step 3: remove the old finish
Use sandpaper to remove the old finish. You need to be careful when working close to decorative areas as you may destroy the decorations.
Step 4: apply sanding sealer
You should apply a pre-stain wood conditioner that will make it easy for the stain to be absorbed evenly by the wood. As a caution, remember to avoid spilling the pre-stain conditioner on decorative areas. Let the wood conditioner dry then wipe it before staining it.

Step 5: Start staining
Use a paintbrush to apply stain on your kitchen cabinets. Coat it once if you want a light stain or add extra coats for darker stains. After you are done, you should use a piece of cloth to remove any excess stain then let it dry completely.

Step 6: Finishing
Once it is dry, you can use clear varnish and apply it to the wood to give it a perfect shine and an extra layer of protection.
As simple as that, you can work on your kitchen and make your stain kitchen cabinets.

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The elegant taste of stained kitchen cabinets is what most homeowners are looking for when doing a kitchen remodeling.