When you are making a new house for yourself, and want to hire an interior decorator, the first thing you should be thinking about is not where to hire your interior designers in Gurgaon from; but when to hire those interior designers in Delhi. Most make the mistake of hiring an interior designer after the house has been built and not while they are building it! So, in this article, let’s talk about when to hire an interior designer and how exactly an interior designer works.

When do you contact an Interior designer?

Ideally, the moment you hire an architect in Gurgaon to design your house, and he submits you a plan, is the time you contact your interior designers. Why so early? So that they have a blank slate to work on! For example, you want a customized bed in your bedroom; and based on its shape and placement, the switches for your lights and other electrical outlets should be placed. If you call your electrician before you consult your interior designer, he will place the switches as per the measurement of a standard bed! So, later if your designer does his or her work, you will either need to do the wiring again or modify your dream bed design based on what has already been done. This is why the earliest you call your interior designer, the better he or she can design your house.

Should you hire an interior designer or hire an architect?

The next question that may arise in your mind is that, why do you need an interior designer when you can hire top architects in gurgaon? That is because the job of these two professionals is totally different! True both will design your dream home, but whereas an architect will design the interior and exterior of the house, an interior designer, as the name suggests, deals with the interior of the house. Moreover, an architect has to consider the physical aspect of building a house; his design has to be structurally sound for the house to exist and not collapse! He is responsible for making the whole house look aesthetically pleasing and functional. So, if you are determined to turn your dream home into a reality, you have to hire an interior designers in Delhi along with an architect.

Now that you know when and why you need to hire an interior designer, let us see how does an Interior designer works.

To start with, the interior designer will have a lengthy talk with you regarding your choice, lifestyle, and personality. Then based on that, he or she will draw a plan for each of your rooms; it can be the whole house if you are building a new one, or if you are doing a home renovation in Delhi, it can be just one area of your house. The design he or she shows you must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and follow safety precautions. And most importantly, it should be within the budget you set. The designer will handle everything from the color of the walls, to where each furniture will go to what kind of lights that space need. A good interior designer will offer a design that will reflect the personality of the house owner while highlighting the best features of a room.

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