Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, any wet environments will easily damage your tools and equipment; when your equipment has regular connectors you can expect them to get damaged by rust and corrosion as a result of moisture and wet conditions which should result to poor functioning and breaking down sooner. In order to solve or forestall this kind of problem, manufacturers are using military grade connectors; these are usually taken through an electrical connector metal finishing process so they can be able to withstand wear and tear as well as wet and moisture conditions with ease.

Electrical connector plating is a cost effective and versatile feature that ensures equipment that is used in different industries is kept safe from moisture or any other harmful substances that could cause corrosion. Military grade hermetic connector plating is a time proven procedure the strengthens connectors as well as efficient wire to wire connecting options so as to ensure that there is high quality mating. Once the connectors have been taken through this important process they can successfully be used in wet, hot and dusty conditions in environments where corrosion or wear and tear will reduce performance; hermetic connectors are also code rated for safe usage in underwater and dusty conditions.

Military grade hermetic connector plating involves the coating of an object that is able to conduct a current using an electric current; during this process a substance that has a higher corrosion protection and electrical conductivity is used to coat the substrate so as to enhance its prosperity as far as these important features are concerned. Electrical connector plating is used in a variety of industries for functional purposes; the best examples are usually in the aerospace, automobile and electronic industries. Gold plated connectors are especially popular because they have a reduced electrical resistance so that they greatly enhance electrical conduction; they are extremely popular in making computer and other electronic components as well as RF connectors because they allow radio frequency currents to flow easily on the surface of conductors.   

Electrolytic Nickel Plating Services helps the connectors to have higher conductive as well as corrosion prevention powers; one of the most popular methods is known as brush electroplating. This is a process that is conducted in localized areas or on whole items which have to be plated but by using a brush that has been soaked inside a plating solution. Electroless nickel plating services come to mind when you are thinking about this kind of a process; the brush will get attached to the positive side of the low voltage source of a direct current so that the brush has to get dipped into the plating gel where it is thereafter applied on the connector that has to be plated. The brush is then moved constantly over the connector so that the plating material is distributed evenly; the brush has to be connected to the low voltage point together with the item that has been connected on the negative so the process can be completed effectively.

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