No Matter What, Learning Shouldn’t Stop! 

The education sector has always been the one to adapt quickly. It has never failed to surprise us by adopting new methods of learning and teaching. For instance, let’s consider the current scenario of education industry during COVID-19.

As with many sectors, the current pandemic crisis wreaked havoc on the education sector, leading to the closures of schools, universities and colleges. A learning crisis occurred and snowballed into a catastrophe. It took time and massive efforts to respond to these disturbances, but a strong comeback was made by universities in the form of remote learning. Despite the adverse effects of a learning crisis, one thing became evident that the future of education is promising. Be it the conventional method of classroom teaching or through digital means, the education sector is surely on the path of development. 

Education influencers have played a pivotal role in addressing the crisis and bringing a paradigm shift into the education system. While teachers and students are struggling to cope up with the technological challenges, education influencers are walking an extra mile to make these transformations simpler and effective. Some influencers have contributed by spreading the culture of online learning, while some have built exceptional platforms and tools to make learning an enriching experience. 

Secondly, education is a fundamental and enabling right that compliments other human rights and thus, efforts are being made for education to reach to the masses as much as possible. Some education influencers have come forward to extend the reach of education where least traces of it are found. As voices of authority in the industry, they have left no stones unturned to impact the lives of people, who are willing to learn. 

Whatever be the reason, the ultimate goal of every education influencer is to improve the quality of education and make it accessible to all. Considering the same goal and an intent to acknowledge and admire the contributions of some education influencers, who have been at the forefront of the education arena, we have compiled a list of “The 10 Best Education Influencers in India 2020”.

Mastering the art and science of investment, an ardent investment expert, Manish Goyal has featured on the cover page of this edition. Manish Goyal has redefined the investment industry by offering multibagger investment advice. To cultivate his love for investment, he became a full-time investor and even began offering financial recommendations on undervalued stocks. 

We have also enlisted Bunker Roy, the Founder Director of Barefoot College;  CS Ankit Tiwari, Co-Founder of; Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, ITS; Meghna Ghai Puri, President,Whistling Woods International; Rachit Agrawal, Co-founder of AdmitKaro; Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy, Co-founders of Walnut Knowledge Solutions; and Sunil Sharma, the CEO of EasyShiksha for their valuable contribution in the education arena. 

We also applaud the contributions of Suresh Nair and Sushil Sukhwani.
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