It is important to know what is brewing in the fashion industry and that is why you need to be abreast of the latest fashion apparel news. Have a look at what is new so that you can upgrade your wardrobe:

1) Summery hues

Designers are making their best effort in trying to bring the colours of the palette to your clothes. This season, shun the somber and embrace the warm shades. So, whatever you add to the wardrobe should be bright and summery!

2) Trench coat

The trench coat is the new way of making a style statement globally. You can get a knotted one, a shredded one, sheer one or a something that is a bit chopped off. Perfect for the Sherlock Holmes feel! Indian summers will not need a warm trench coat; you can go in for a light and sheer one to stay in vogue.

3) Bigger hand bags

No more tiny hand bags that won’t fit your needs. The latest trend calls for the super-sized hand bags. You need to go in for the huge ones this season as they make carrying your world along with you easier. It sure needs to match well with your outfit or at least compliment it so that you can stand out in the crowd. Go for a universal shade that suits most of your dresses.

4) Royal looks

Take a walk back in time but keep your modern-fashion quotient high! Puffed sleeves of dresses with a frill; all the old world charm is in this season. You can choose to look as if you have just come out of a fairytale. However, at the same time, you can make it comfortable.

5) Shorts

Shorts are the perfect garments for summer as they make you look smart and let you feel comfy. If you have had those tiny shorts, it’s time to upgrade as the latest trend calls for fringed and tweed shorts that are not that short. Obviously, when you have fringes on your shorts they have to be a bit longer than what they used to be!

6) Socks with sandals

Now you must be used to wearing socks with shoes but the latest in thing is to go ahead and wear socks with your sandals. The design of your socks should look good with your high-heeled sandals. I guess even flat sandals will go well with striped socks. Another great way of hiding your chipped nail on your toe!

Hope with this piece of fashion apparel news, you will be able to stay stylish all the time!

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Mayank Mohindra is an author on textile, fashion, and apparel industry.His articles are based on latest apparel industry news, textile news and/or analysis of the dynamics of global apparel trade, and fashion industry.