The decision to grow the best marijuana seeds outdoors may be the best decision you have ever made in our short gardening journey. It is much simpler to grow marijuana outdoors and having a great outdoor setup will help you in achieving those cannabis goals!!!

Experienced outdoor gardeners make the best of what nature has to offer and maximize the benefits given to them with exponential rewards. It has been said that the best marijuana has been cultivated outdoors under the full range of natural sunlight. The sun’s full spectrum of light has a very huge impact on the growth and quality of buds produced. In short, with no space limitations. plants can naturally “spread their wings” and grow as mother nature intended them to grow.

Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

Top of mind reason for growing indoors? There is more space to work with! There is also an abundance of sunlight, free air, no need or ventilation kits, and most of all, playing with the elements mother nature has provided.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows though, one has to deal with the reality of having insects, heatwaves, and sudden cold temperatures.

Benefits of Growing your Cannabis Outdoors

A short and concise explanation for each:

● Larger plants are grown - by experience, it is almost certain that most cannabis strains will grow bigger outdoors than in a controlled set up indoors. This is because the plants are exposed as to how they are supposed to be, the natural environment.
● More space is available - you can grow more outside. No worries of having to limit the number of plants cramped up in a tiny room. As long as there is growing space available where the plants can receive the proper amount of sunlight and air outside, it is free to plant as much as you could.
● Rainwater is free -in a natural environment, your plants receive the right amount of water it gets from rain and water vapor in the air. naturally exposing them to the conditions will help in the plants’ adaptation to its natural growing environment.
● Sunshine is much cheaper than HPS light - growing outside means getting the right amount of sunlight needed by the plant. Summer has longer days and fall has longer nights. These natural phenomena affect vegetative growth as well as the flowering and bud development stage of the cannabis plant.
● Air Circulation will prevent molds from developing - Nature provides natural air to circulate through any given environment, this is a natural way of preventing molds from developing in plants. The more air that circulates, the less stagnant and humid air will be present.
● The soil is rich in nutrients - untouched natural soil has developed its colonies of good bacteria and fungi essential in the plant’s root absorption. naturally decomposing plant mulch and decaying insects are good sources of good and harmful bacteria and fungus for the plant.

Budget-Friendly Basic Equipment

When you are planning to grow weed outdoors, It is key to have the basic equipment necessary to have a good outdoor setup. One has to ensure that these types of equipment will address the basic needs of your plant to ensure healthy and thriving growth. Having the basic growing equipment will aid you, the grower to take control of what mother nature will have to give you and control this to make your plant grow to an optimum level.

● Potting medium - this write-up will focus on potting in pots as they are easier to handle and may be easily moved if there are drastic changes in the weather. For potted plants, it is highly recommended to make your own “super soil” mix which is a blend of various nutrient-rich elements present in your soil. Super soil is a type of organic potting medium rich in components needed by the cannabis plant.
● Air Circulation is key - Put your plants in an area outdoors where you feel the wind will give a constant breeze. This aids in the building of hardy stems that could withstand more extreme weather conditions.
● Sufficient amount of sunlight - a plant will thrive if given the proper amount of sunlight. For cannabis plants, they prefer a lot of direct sunlight, especially during their vegetative growth stage. As the season starts to cool, less sunlight exposure will promote the growth of buds.
● Feeding of nutrients - getting the proper ratio of nutrients will make the plants’ cannabis thrive. for beginners, bottled fertilizers are a suggested option but this must be supplemented by other nutrient sources such as kelp emulsions and vermicast. This will promote good bacterial and fungal growth needed by the plants.
● Varied temperatures matter - Cannabis, during their earlier growth stages prefer temps between -0 to 85 Fahrenheit with humidity levels at 60% but as they mature, they will need temps between 65 to80 Fahrenheit and lower humidity levels. so it is a must to know your outdoor temps before starting to grow outdoors. otherwise building an outdoor greenhouse is recommended but this adds to the operating costs for first-time growers.

Time to Start Cultivating
For a beginner grower working on a limited budget, planting on the ground or in a bed of soil is the best possible set-up There is no need to construct a grow tent at this point as you are still starting, and building your own grow tent will be an added cost. The general opinion that cannabis is expensive to grow is not entirely true. You can start small and work your way up the ladder as you gain more experience and cash. Given that you live in a zone where marijuana could thrive well, an outdoor set up is the way to go. Planting them in pots is also advisable rather than in the ground as you can never tell when nature unexpectedly casts an extreme disturbance. Setting them aside to a safer place would be easier to do.

Grow medium $ 30
10 x growing pots $ 50
Nutrients (compost tea) $ 15
Nutrients (NPK) $ 30
Watering can $ 15
10 x Seeds (outdoor) $ 89

Total $ 229

Final Thoughts
For beginners who want to start cultivating their cannabis, now is the best time to do so. Growing your marijuana in an outdoor setup is not expensive at all. Having a minimum amount of approximately $230 can get you started. Take note that this is for growing about 10 plants. Investing in high-quality seeds will always be the best option. Remember to buy and use an outdoor cannabis strain, and it is recommended to start growing in spring. This will allow your plants to mature and flower by fall. So grow that weed now and start your cannabis growing adventure now!!!

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