Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh.

The Hibs have become the unpredictable greats of Scottish football. For many, many years it used to be Partick Thistle, but now the witness has truly and well delivered. These days, you just don't know which Hib are going to show up. Are they (a) woefully unsuitable Hibs whose defenders can't clear a ball and whose forwards "couldn't lull in the back with a banjo"? Or will it be (b) the majestic and magnificent Hibs running down the field with immaculate passes to add another beautiful Derek Riordan goal to their account?

Inverness is a much more mundane ensemble altogether. They're solid and dependable without a hint of beauty anywhere, although, in Adam Rooney, they have one of the deadliest forwards in the league. Where his lethality suddenly came from is not particularly clear.

Can we predict this next game with any precision? It would be better to do this if you took a look at how these parts have done in recent weeks:

Hibernian's latest 5 game record says ...

[The Hibernian score first]

February 20 Away 1-0 vs St Mirren
February 12 Home 2-1 vs Kilmarnock
February 2 Home 2-0 vs St Mirren
Jan 30 Away 0-3 vs Dundee United
January 26 Local 0-2 vs Rangers

Inverness Caledonian Thsitle's last 5 game record says ...

[Inverness Caledonian Thsitle score first]

February 19 Local 2-0 vs St Johnstone
Feb 12 Away 3-3 vs St Mirren
February 5 Home 5-1 vs Greenock Morton (Scottish Cup)
January 26 Local 0-2 vs Aberdeen
January 22 Home 1-1 vs Hamilton Academicals

Note: In analyzing the current form of these two teams, I have taken into account their most recent matches, regardless of whether they were in the Scottish Premier League or not. You can assume that all previous matches took place in the Scottish Premier League, except where you have specified otherwise, in parentheses.

If Hibs (a) shows up, Caley's excellent road record could easily be improved with another victory on the road, but if Hibs (b) shows up, it could be a very black day for the north team. .

A team of Hibs is more likely to appear somewhere between (a) and (be), and that should be good enough to take all 3 points from this game. If so, that would be 4 wins in a row for Hibs and would strengthen a growing perception that manager Colin Calderwood has finally got Hibs going in the right direction. https://www.xn--168-jml4a7dtc8e.com/

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January 26 Local 0-2 vs Aberdeen