How do you ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing? Being the largest body organ protects the inner organs and tissues from mechanical damage and harsh environmental conditions; hence we should always take good care of it to ensure protection and good health. Taking a lot of water and nutritious diets help the skin to stay hydrated and healthy. However, the skin is prone to many problems, including infections that deteriorate its status and increases the risk of more severe issues. Regular check-ups and healthy living are advisable for natural, youthful-looking, and healthy skin. Are you dealing with any skin issues, Sanctuary Medical Center has got you covered. They offer safe, quality, and effective services specializing in medical dermatology in Boca Raton, Florida.

Sanctuary Medical Center is a leading practice committed to offering medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatological services to help people live healthy better lives. the facility is under the leadership of a renowned plastic surgeon Jason Pozner, MD, FACS. It succeeds in providing comprehensive dermatology services to men and women in Florida. They strive to meet all their patient's needs by offering customized services. The modern general and cosmetic dermatology facility use innovative and integrative approaches to offering effective solutions to their patients' problems including anti-aging procedures, body contouring, and skin cancer treatments.

They are the largest laser facility in South Florida and take pride in providing skin and aesthetic care. Their offices are modern with cutting-edge equipment to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience for patients when receiving their services. the team consists of board-certified plastic surgeons and qualified skin specialists that all have high levels of expertise and guarantees their patients the best results. They take advantage of the advanced technology in offering effective treatment options including Botox and Fillers, body sculpting systems, laser skin treatments, and rejuvenation services. They also offer treatments for acne, skin discoloration, and skin cancer.

Sanctuary Medical Center offers services such as:

Skin care

The dermatologist team at Sanctuary Medical Center believes that your skin should be clear, beautiful, and healthy. They offer customized comprehensive skin care treatments to prevent skin conditions and give you the best skin you deserve. Visit them today to learn more.

Body sculpting

Stubborn body fat can be irritating and unpleasing to live with. The board-certified dermatologists offer minimally invasive procedures to help reduce and eliminate your body fat for a more regular and desired body physique. Call or book online for an appointment.


Wrinkles are one of the common signs of aging. Sanctuary Medical Center provides effective treatments to reduce wrinkles and give you a youthful natural look. Visit them today for wrinkle relief services.

Sanctuary Medical Center provides solutions to all your general and cosmetic dermatology issues. Located in Roca Baton, Florida they strive to serve every patient with quality and effective care. Led by the board-certified Jason Pozner, they value their patients' goals striving to provide personalized treatments. They use advanced technology to offer the latest treatments, including laser treatments, Botox and fillers, Body sculpting, and skin rejuvenation. They accept major medical insurance cards and welcomes new and existing patients. Visit them today for all your skincare needs.

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