As individuals, we all have goals and set goals in our finances, therefore the right information for the right investment is very important. Considering the fact that good investments help us to actualize our goals in our education, career, capital projects, family needs, etc., then it is imperative that we understand these investments.

Currently, we are facing the recovery of the economy after experiencing the global economic collapse during more than two years of economic stagnation. In most African countries, especially Nigeria, it does not seem to be off to a good start as the government has limited funds to inject into the economy (capital market) unlike what other developed nations of the world are currently doing. Therefore, it is necessary that we make the right decision in this trial period. There are different types of Investments available to us; Savings, Insurance, Bonds, Equities and Stocks, FOREX, Real Estate, Import and Export, and whatever. These may sound interesting, but we must look before making decisions on our chosen investments.

For most people, making the right investment decision can be difficult. They assume you need enough money to venture into a lucrative business. It is always a good idea to do some research before you can make a decision as to what you want to invest in. This is best accomplished when you gather information about your investment type because you want to make the right investments that work best for you. It is financially prudent for you to know the basics of investing so that you are in a position to have a variety of options. Is this where the use of funds comes into play? It is recommended that you use your savings especially if you plan to invest for the long term. Also, you don't need a lot to invest; you can use your monthly savings and invest constantly. The Stocks and Equities option is one of the most popular and profitable businesses.

Also investing in insurance policies is another guaranteed way to invest without fear of falling market prices. Unlike the stock market, insurance is a safe way to get your money back with a certain interest accrued over a stipulated period of time, that is, if there has been no incident before the due date. However, this will be discussed exclusively in my later articles. The mutual fund investment option is another form of investment whereby organizations collect money from different individuals and use it to venture into publicly traded company stocks at the right time. This reduces your risk of losing money since you are not investing directly in the stock market. You should keep an eye out for any loopholes and hire the services of a financial expert to help you make the right investment decisions.

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Perhaps one of the causes of this misconception is that it is acceptable in the academic world. In financial studies in conventional educational institutions and academic publications, investments, also called assets, refer to objects of value or property.