The Pakistan government initiated the process of National
Prize bond, divided into eight different denominations. It would not be wrong to say that this medium has become one of the most significant domestic borrowing ways for the government. Plus, on the same side, it is also accountable for providing a lucrative form of returns to all the investors to win the amount. national savings

If you have acquired the bond which has above the winning amount of Rs 20,000, you need to visit the nearest services of State Bank of Pakistan. You have to fill the application form, which will be your claim form, after which you will be getting the winning amount. It is even possible in ordinary conditions that you will be getting the tax certificate within the same day, and you will be all done with this whole process.

Once you have submitted your claim form, you will be issued the receipt to wait for your turn. This receipt will acknowledge the winning amount claim and will also mention the date of your payment collection. In most of the conditions, the expected time duration to get your winning amount is almost 20 days. It can be in between the period of 20-30 days.

You will be getting your payment order on the mentioned due date, and for that sake, you have to visit the SBP office. Once the amount has been credited right into your account, you have to make your way back to the SBP office to get the tax deduction certificate.

This whole procedure might sound hectic, but you can quickly get your deserving winning amount by following a few necessary steps. SBP BSC has even introduced the medium of direct credit of the winning money to the claim person account. This immediate process of the winning money credit will reduce the number of steps and time involved in Prize bond list money from the SBP BSC offices.
This claim form is used to claim the winning amount of the Prize Bond that has been redesigned by the SBP BSC and can also be downloaded so easily.

A new form has also been introduced on which you have to mention your CNIC expiry date with the CNIC number and the contact details and full name. You also need to say your taxpayer status as well in which you have to add up the pieces of whether you are a taxpayer or not! Besides, another significant change that has appeared in the claim application form has been the selection of payment method of winning amount.

If you have won the winning amount exceeding Rs 18,500, you should be opting to have your winning amount in cash or either in the direct credit right into your bank account. If you have selected the bank credit, you will be issued with the receipt during the time of money claim submission, and the winning amount will be credited right into your bank account either the same day or even a few next working days.

If you have won the winning amount exceeding Rs 93,500, you should be opting to have your winning amount in the direct credit or select any payment method.

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