Purists would say that Kush, such as Hindu Kush bud, is a pure indica. In reality, Kush can be an indica or indica hybrid. When the name is misused, it can even be a sativa. This is because Kush is really just a name. It’s a title given to weed that is from a certain region, inherits a high quality, or is simply used as an adjective (with a little “k”) because someone heard it in a Hollywood movie.

If you’ve ever wondered what the word really means, then follow along to explore the ins and outs of all things kush.
What is Kush?
Kush is a name that predominantly describes a subspecies of cannabis plant called indica. It is a strain known for its high quality. Kush describes the region where the original strain was found. Indica purportedly also comes from a geographic definition, too. But we will get more into that later.

Kush is also a general adjective used in cannabis and pop culture to talk about strains of cannabis. When used as an adjective, it generally refers to high grade or strength. This has become a bit distorted over time. Purposely and inadvertently, the use of this adjective has evolved from its original meaning.

Kush no longer is specific to a geographic origin or strain but can also be a descriptor of quality. Some of the plants given the kush moniker are not indica strains and have no relation. So, take the name with a grain of salt. Look for cannabis award-winners if you are looking for high-quality weed.

A pure kush indica is an original strain, also known as a “landrace.” Landrace strains are a bit mystical, as they refer to genetic purity and indigenous beginnings. Modern-day strains that are currently being sold as landrace kush are more likely exact clones than originals. There is no disadvantage to a modern strain or clones—they just have more divergence from the original DNA but are in no way inferior. What the buyer can be sure of is that whoever uses the word kush believes the weed is of a high quality.
Indica or Sativa? Why Does it matter?
Cannabis plants are often broken down into strains. Two of the mostly widely known are indica and sativa. Each strain is known to give the user different benefits. Indicas are known to give a deep relaxation,while sativa strains provide more energizing properties.

Indica landraces were known to have been isolated for a long time due to their geography in mountainous areas. This type of cannabis has broad leaves, short growth height, and dense buds. The hash that is made from its flowers also has notoriety. Afghan and Hindu Kush bud are two strains thought to be from a similar region and named accordingly.
The Origins of Hindu Kush Bud and Indicas
The name “kush” comes from where Hindu Kush bud was originally grown and cultivated, which is the Hindu Kush mountain range. Due to the treacherous nature of these mountains, they gained the title “kush,” which is Farsi (Persian language) for death. The Greeks knew the range as Caucasus Indicus, which is perhaps where “indica” originates.

This mountainous geographical region stretches through eight modern-day countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. The influence of this region on the Hippie Movement of the 1960s oversimplified this area into three countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India). These were the countries most often passed through on the “Hippie Trail.”

The Hippie Trail was an overland journey undertaken by counterculture adherents to the Hippie Movement. In its most traditional form, it started in Istanbul and finished in Kathmandu. Although there were several unofficial routes, the tri-borderlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India were some of the most heavily travelled areas. These areas encompassed the Hindu Kush.

Upon returning home from their travels, the hippies’ acceptance of marijuana use was brought into the fringes of Western culture. Remember, this was during the Cold War era. From this time until recently, weed carried a stigma. What has remained since then is the importance of the Hindu Kush to cannabis culture. The Afghani and Hindu Kush bud have become some of the most popular indicas in the world.

Three Favourite Kush Strains Available at Top BC Cannabis
Island Pink Kush is an indica hybrid. It has little pink hairs, bright green buds, and crystals all over it. It is very strong with a sweet smell on the nose. It tends to be strong even in small amounts.

Blueberry Kush is a densely packed pure indica strain. It is also crystally but has an earthier, blueberry smell. It is not as sweet-tasting or smelling as Pink Kush. It provides a relaxing, calm high.

OG Kush is a California classic. It is a hybrid that is indica-heavy and known for its heavy THC content. Said to be crossbred from Hindu Kush bud, it has earthy notes and a woody taste. It gives an intense, euphoric high.

If you prefer the properties of indica, then look for the keyword “kush.” There are

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