Here we hope the Premier League match time finally arrives at Bloomfield Road as Blackpool host Liverpool in match week on 19 December. The last two matches on the spot were postponed due to bad weather.

Blackpool recorded a 1-0 away win against Stoke in the match week. 17. Pre-season relegation favorites Blackpool have been transformed into dreaded rivals and may even be aiming for a top ten finish this season. Their win against Stoke was more one-sided than the score line suggested. Vaughan led the charge from midfield, where Stoke did not get a place on the day. With crisp bypass, the mandarins kept the potters in a turbulent state throughout. They got the lead through a Campbell strike early in the second half and then did enough to keep their rivals in check.

Liverpool lost 3-1 to Newcastle in game week 17, a game Roy Hodgson's side was expected to win after recording a convincing win over Aston Villa, the previous week. The victory against Villa had dampened the demands for Hodgson's firing. And those claims are likely to find voice again after the loss in St James's Park.

Newcastle were at full strength in the game with the trio of Nolan, Barton and Carroll in their starting eleven. But despite Nolan giving the Magpies the early lead for 15 minutes, Mersetsider's exchanges dominated before the interval. And when they got the equalizer through Kuyt four minutes after the break, the Reds were apparently back in action.

A loss of focus in the second half saw Hodgson's squad capitulate to an inspired Newcastle. While Kuyt and Johnson were poar for the course, Torres had an off-day. In previous games, Meireles seemed to have filled in sufficiently in Gerrard's absence, but that the English midfielder is the key to Liverpool's campaign became all too clear as the Reds lost modfield control and the match.

Hodgson would have hoped for a postponement with a home win against Fulham in match week 18, but the weather had other ideas and Liverpool will now have to get a win out on Blommfield Road to revive their top-six bid this season.

Incidentally, the Seasons flooded Hodgson's accusations, which were currently 3-1, when the Sides met in their first meeting of the league at Anfield on 3 October. But part of the blame must be attributed to the management outside the field management, who overshadowed Liverpool's performance early in the season. The Reds have survived this phase and with new owners in place they are starting to get in their stride.

Hodgson will see the loss to Newcastle as a departure and will back up to beat Blackpool, whose home ground has not been as impressive as their performances on the road. Seasiders have won, lost and drawn two games each of the six that host Bloomfield Road. That said, Liverpool have just the lone win to show for nine games on the way this season. They have lost as many as six of these games, with the remaining two ending in stalemate.

This is a must-in for Liverpool, who will have to be in full force if they want to win over Holloway's men.

Blackpool had the following players in their starting eleven against Stoke: Kingson, Eardley, Cathcart, Evatt, Crainey, Grandin, Adam, Vaughan, Taylor-Fletcher, Campbell and Varney. Phillips played as a substitute.

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This is a must-in for Liverpool, who will have to be in full force if they want to win over Holloway's men.