With the advent of the internet, the future of B2B marketing seems brighter.

Field marketers can now bring a new touch to marketing through their localized and field marketing efforts.

After all, localized marketing is all about reaching out to the customer at the local level. This is the best way promotions can entice buyers to purchase brands and services.

Let us have a look at how field marketers can bring about a drastic change in B2B marketing efforts.

Whether via the internet or offline, promotions can never be done away with. The primary role of the field marketer is to demonstrate the strengths of the product/services to the consumer, and provide answers to how the consumers’ problems can be solved.

In this regard, the website esources.co.uk has performed a stellar role in opening up new vistas for companies across all verticals.

According to an esources.co.uk review, the website has a huge list of companies that is a treasure house for buyers and sellers.

Trade shows
For many SMEs, it is not possible to employ a field marketer at every geographical location. In such a scenario, by fielding trade shows they can interface with the target audience that matters most.

Creating local campaigns
Nothing is more important that creating localized campaigns.

As one SME manager rightly pointed out, “There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Salespersons must make use of localized preferences if a business has to make any headway”.

Apart from promotional, there are other issues B2B companies have to confront with.

One of them is leadership expectations.

Many from the senior management wonder how digital marketing solutions can prop up company prospects.

This kind of cynicism may all be about generation gap.

“Technology integration is essential”, says a marketing expert. “In the present internet age, SEO, marketing automation, social media and online media must be connected for communication for the vendors and buyers to be integrated”.

Are we not consistently hearing that 70% of the buyers’ journey is done digitally?

If businesses have to tap the buyer, they must use the power of technology to fine-tune communication.

We must bear in mind that in a B2B buying process there is no single buyer. A decision on buying is made by a team comprising of financial and technical experts.

Before buying they evaluate all aspects of the product thoroughly, unlike a B2C consumer. With the internet and mobile, even B2B buyers are having new approaches to research their purchases.

That is why, as a seller you must make use of marketing automation and other technologies to gain insight into the buyer behavior.

A research into the B2B buying behavior has revealed that buyers are unexpectedly optimistic about their relationship with vendors.

Because buying is a team effort involving many departments in an organization, B2B sellers must be able to provide knowledge that buyers desire throughout the buying cycle.

Effective marketers today are moving their efforts beyond email marketing. They have realized the effectiveness social advertising and other forms of nurturing.

In this regard B2B portals do help. An Esources Review rightly pointed out, “Esources is way ahead of other portals in assisting companies in reinforcing their marketing efforts”.

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Esources.co.uk is the UK’s largest directory of verified wholesale suppliers, dropshippers, wholesale offers, and trade leads. Being the largest portal of its kind in the United Kingdom, eSources offers businesses the capability to attract over 700,000 trade buyers.