Which one is better for achieving your fitness goals, online fitness training or a live personal training in gym? Generally it is a matter of personal choice and your style of learning. Some people prefer to learn exercises by doing it in presence of a trainer. On the other hand some are comfortable with listening to instructions or watching demonstrations. Below are the other factors which are actually influencing the decision of people.

Price of service

Price is the key deciding factor for majority of people. There is a considerable difference in the pricing of both modes of training. Online training costs on an average less than one fourth of the live personal training. It is win-win situation for both persons as online personal trainer is being able to cater more clients and member gets the service at an affordable price. This has made the personal training available to people who were earlier not being able to afford it.

Qualification of trainer

A personal trainer's job is to provide customized workout plan to gym members for improving their fitness. This job can only be performed by a well qualified trainer as they have knowledge of exercise science and body anatomy. Except few reputed places, most of the gym trainers are not certified. A person has no clue if the trainer has requisite knowledge or not. In above situation, a qualified online gym trainer gives the opportunity to select his or her services based on the education.

Expertise in fitness and nutrition

Both workout and diet plan are important for achieving a fitness goal. Most of the certified online fitness and nutrition trainers provide complete fitness packages which include customized workout and diet plan. They have knowledge of both exercise and nutrition science. There is no need to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist separately. One can get the expert services at affordable price from a single person and start fitness journey.

Business Model

In a gym, personal trainers work under the guidelines of gym management. Business model of most of the gyms is primarily based on selling supplements to their members as it has high margins. If member takes personal training session then instead of focusing on building a personalized fitness plan, they insist on taking unnecessary supplements or banned substances for getting results. Therefore people are now more inclined to take training from an online fitness coach.

These are the major reasons due to which more and more people now prefer online PT. When you make the decision to take online training, there is no physical boundary left. There are limitless options available with you to select from. One can select the trainer of his or her choice even from distant countries. You can even hire celebrity trainers which otherwise was not possible.

Author's Bio: 

Manish Yadav is an American Council on Exercise certified professional. He has done certification in Personal Training, Fitness Nutrition & Program Design.
Website: https://myfitnessgoal.in