A man’s ego can be bruised and damaged if he is not able to satisfy a woman sexually. The causes of this cut across all ages of men, and they can be very demeaning. For one to achieve and maintain an erection, and ejaculate, the following should be observed as they play a huge role in achieving a positive erection review. They include:

1) Have regular exercise

Erection problems occur due to lack of blood flow in the penis tissues. Other forms of aerobic, swimming and running have helped in preventing these problems. Any form of exercise that causes excessive pressure in the perineum should be avoided, as the nerves and blood vessels that supply blood in the penis can be affected. Men who like to cycle frequently should wear padded cycling pants, stand up frequently while pedaling, and have a bike that fits them properly.

2) Have healthy meals

Eating patterns that restrict blood flow in the coronary arteries causing heart attacks can also impede blood flow within and to the penis. Diets that include lots of fried, processed, and fatty foods with few or no fruits and vegetables, contribute to reduced blood circulation throughout the body. Traditional foods, heart-healthy fats like olive oil, fish, nuts play an important role in preventing erection problems. It is fair to conclude that anything bad for a man's heart is also bad for his penis.

3) Avoid hypertension

Secondary Hypertension occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels due to alcohol abuse, congenital heart defects, some medications side effects, use of illegal drugs, thyroid problems, adrenal gland problems, and kidney disease.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices have majorly contributed to primary hypertension. High cholesterol foods are a major cause of one being obese or overweight. Hypertension or high cholesterol levels can damage blood vessels including those that take blood to the penis.

4) Maintain a healthy weight

Type 2 diabetes, a common health problem, occurs when one is overweight. This may lead to erection problems, if diabetes which affects the nerves throughout the body, affects the ones that supply the penis. Environmental factors may trigger one to have type 2 diabetes.

5) Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Nicotine in cigarettes makes blood vessels contract, therefore, hampering the blood flow to the penis. If you smoke, stop, as this could cause erection problems.

Chronic heavy consumption of alcohol causes nerves and liver damage. It may also interfere with the normal balance of male sex hormone levels, leading to erection problems. If you are to drink alcohol, do it in moderation.

6) Avoid stress

Stress is one of the major causes of erection problems. Psychological stress boosts the levels of adrenaline hormones, which causes contraction of the blood vessels. Ways to ease tension and make one feel better emotionally result in a big boost to their sex life.


Problems of achieving or maintaining an erection can be arrested before causing adverse effects when dealt with promptly. Avoiding these should result in a healthy sex life.

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Erection problems occur due to lack of blood flow in the penis tissues. Other forms of aerobic, swimming and running have helped in preventing these problems.