If you enjoy running having an injury that is stopping you from heading out can be quite frustrating. Especially in the pandemic now where we are so limited in what we can safely do. But there are times when you really should take more care when you have a running injury. Listen to your running coach, London based or where you are, and listen more carefully to your body. Here are some common mistakes injured runners make that leave them feeling worse.

Persuading yourself it is not that bad

Sometimes when you are trying to reach a goal, prepare for a race or you just do not want to give up heading out, people will try to tell themselves that the injury is not that bad. That is where online running coaching can help as your coach can help you better judge what your best course of action is with the injury. Shrugging off something that is just a niggle could lead to that becoming much worse so rest, get it checked out and look after yourself properly.

Telling yourself to push through the pain

It is a common idea in professional sports especially that you have to push through the pain. But that phrase is more about pushing through mentally when you reach a difficult part of the activity rather than pushing through on real pain and a real injury. Pushing through leads to longer inactivity because the injury will worsen and you will need to rest for longer. Pushing through is really not something that applies to all situations. What you should do is listen to your body, sometimes pain means stop!

Not getting it checked out

You might think you know what it wrong, and your running coach London based, might think they know what the problem is. But they will tell you to get it checked out, and you should listen. Have a doctor or your physiotherapist take a look so you know what the problem is, and have the best approach for healing and recovery. You will see it happen a lot quicker this way.

Over relying on massages to fix things

Massages are great things to use when you are exercising regularly. They help with tense muscles and they feel great. But an actual injury to your muscle is not going to respond well to a deep massage. It is likely to make things worse. So do not expect the massage to be a cure.

Not doing your physio exercises

When you see a physiotherapist perhaps something your online running coaching encourages, and they give you some exercise to do at home to help your recovery, do them! Go to your physio sessions and put in the effort required to get better. You can get out running again sooner and feel better sooner!


If something is not right and it is not going away after a recovery day you should get it checked out by a professional. You should also follow their guidance on how to recover and take the time your body needs.

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