The impact of Covid-19 has changed how we live and how we interact with each other. Living with the constant threat of contracting this highly infectious virus or the possibility of losing a loved one can make us experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Social distancing and
isolation is another factor that can make a person feel despair.

The additional stress of the economic impact or the possibility of losing one’s job can be overwhelming and increase feelings of hopelessness.

In order to cope with all these issues, it is important to self-care, like eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise. It is also important to seek professional help.

Pre-existing and underlying mental health problems can surface.

Some symptoms to watch for may be:

- Difficulty sleeping or nightmares

- Difficulty concentrating

- Worsening of existing mental health problems

- Increased use of alcohol or drugs

- PTSD symptoms

Any of these symptoms shouldn’t be ignored, help is available. Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular during this time.

In Therapion we have many years of experience with online therapy with highly qualified and experienced therapists.

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Author: Britt Berglind
Psychologist, Clinical Professional Counselor

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Britt Berglind is a Psychologist, Clinical Professional Counselor for Therapion. To find out more about Therapion, go to