Online Counselling: the world is shifting and it is proving to be effective.
When we started developing Connectable Life, we had no idea what the world was about to become. A world ridden with Corona, people being forced to stay at home and businesses very quickly having to adapt to the new norm.

One of our biggest concerns was that people would be sceptical of the word ONLINE. That people wouldn’t necessarily buy into the idea, possibly thinking it is less than the ‘real deal’.

And then, suddenly, the entire world moved online. This obviously made going live with what was a ‘novel’ concept, pre-Corona days, very difficult. We suddenly had, and still have, the entire world to compete with: big names and big companies with existing clientele and unlimited budgets, and then there is us- a start-up.

The difference though is that we saw the need for online counselling and online therapy (or whatever it is) prior to the pandemic, we believe it even more now and will work even harder to show the value in it post Covid. We aren’t going anywhere.

So, it is obviously very important for us to discuss the effectiveness of online therapy and online counselling.

First and Foremost
The goal behind our idea is to make healthcare accessible to anyone and everyone. This is what going online enables. For us, this already makes it effective. Help is reaching people, desperate people, no matter where they are.

But, before we can say that online counselling is effective, let us take a look at what makes up ‘effective counselling’.

According to PsychCentral

“Effective counseling is a two way street. It takes a cooperative effort by both the person receiving counseling and the counsellor,” and “It’s important that you and your counselor establish a good relationship that allows you to be completely honest about your thoughts and feelings. Often, this requires an elusive “chemistry” between both of you in which you feel comfortable with your counselor’s personality, approach and style.”

At a time when the world has been forced to stay apart and essentially ‘disconnect’, there is no denying the power that the internet and online platforms have had in allowing humans to remain connected. Meetings, birthdays, social gatherings, business ideas, baby showers, you name it: they have enabled these every day and momentous occasions, even if virtually. The moment is shared; the joy is felt! Now, I am not for one second saying that I think all of this should remain this way and that the way forward should be to do EVERYTHING virtually. My point, going back to the quote from PsychCentral, is that there is no reason why a good relationship between counsellor and counselled cannot be formed via a video consult: and therefore, there is no reason why online counselling cannot be deemed effective.

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Author's Bio: 

There are a million avenues I have never explored and a million roads I have not ventured down, but one road I have walked a couple of times in my life is depression. The dark avenues of despair. The feeling of being trapped and drowning, not knowing how to come up for air. This post is not a guide to healing depression. It is not the medical take (although it could be) on the condition of depression but my experience and what helped me.

The picture of my life right now is completely different from that of my former self: my ‘teenage’ me, my ‘young adult’ me and even my ‘new mom’ me. Right now, my life is happy and bright, but in all honesty- it is too busy to be depressed. I do not allow the negative thoughts to come; I have learnt what they look like, and I am incredibly happy to say that I have drawn the boundary line. Depression does not get to cross it anymore. The ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) still come but I make damn sure to stop them in their tracks and I remind myself who I am and who my ‘future self’ is going to be.

My keys and steps to overcoming and healing depression!Learning to be grateful:

It took time and practice but I stopped looking at what everyone else had and instead focused on what I had and how blessed I was. It was a crucial step but I stopped seeing myself as the victim; I changed my mindsets.

I found God and inner peace.

Regardless of what you believe, putting your faith in God, in someone outside of yourself, is powerful. I pray, read scripture, and meditate. I got involved in church, I was part of an outreach team. Research shows how kindness and volunteering are beyond beneficial.

Finding ME!

I spent time finding out who I am, what I love to do, what I hate, and I decided I would invest in me. I decided to surround myself with those who enjoy being with me and that I was not going to listen to the negative opinions of others. Standing up for me!

I went to a psychologist.

We discussed and mapped out all that had happened to me throughout my life as well as my toxic thinking patterns. We decided on a course of action. He directed me into knowing which course of action was best and what perspective I needed, investigating my past and pursuing a joyful future.

I also co-founded and co-own Connectable Life - an online Mind, Body and Wellness platform to help other like me to better themselves!

In the end, only you can do this thing called ‘your life’ and sometimes the process is a little messier than we expect but the outcome is… happy days. Remembering that life is life: it has its mountains and valleys, but it can also be the rollercoaster, bumper-car or good old Ferris Wheel that simply needs to be enjoyed.