Everyone knows about the food cravings every woman has during their pregnancy. It may include junk food, snacks, desserts, and whatnot. However, other than satisfying such cravings, it is imperative to maintain a healthy diet. Milk, fruits, vegetables, meat are great sources of protein and vitamins. However, the question arises which is better for a pregnant woman. Let's talk about bananas. It's a fruit that contains a hi8gh amount of iron, but is it right to have a banana during pregnancy?

The suggestions of different doctors may vary about the regular consumption of banana while a woman is pregnant. Therefore it can be confusing to determine which opinion you take and incorporate. Numerous questions may come into your mind, such is good to consume bananas regularly? How many bananas to eat? Is it better to eat fresh or ripe bananas? Etc.

To help you make up your mind about eating bananas while you are pregnant, some of its health benefits are laid bellow. The mentioned columns are not for the benefits of social health, but only for women who are going through their pregnancy.

Health benefits of having bananas during pregnancy

Following are a few of the benefits of having bananas regularly, that every woman should go through -

1.Relieves from nausea

Morning sickness, nausea is common for every woman who is going through pregnancy. One of the significant benefits of banana consumption is that it can minimize such feelings and relive you from the constant need to puke.

2.Boosts hemoglobin

During pregnancy, most women face a lack of hemoglobin, which is the result of a loss of iron. It is a known fact that bananas are rich in iron, and therefore, it is essential to take bananas regularly for every pregnant woman.

3.Boosts energy

Pregnancy takes a toll on the body and mind of a woman, which results in a constant feeling of loss of energy. Bananas are a great source of carbohydrates, as it contains glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc. Such components would make you feel energized throughout the day, thus making having bananas during pregnancy beneficial.

4.Boosts digestion

The changes in hormones in your body can affect your digestion process. It may cause unusual bowel movement and can make you feel bloated. Other than iron and glucose, bananas also contain essential minerals, potassium, fiber, etc. Such properties are known for their ability to boost digestion.

5.Prevents constipation

Bananas not only boosts your digestion system, but it also prevents from constipation. The presence of fiber in bananas is one of the significant agents which relieve you from facing constipation problems; hence it can be said that having bananas during pregnancy has no adverse side effects.

By going through the health benefits that regular consumption of bananas possess, it becomes easier for you to decide why you need to include it in your diet. You can also make it enjoyable by having them as smoothies or fruit salads. However, one should be mindful of the consumption of bananas during pregnancy and should not overdose themselves. Other than that it is necessary to eat fresh fruits and avoid eating ripe fruits, especially if there are black spots on banana.

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