Recently more people have started to look towards cosmetic dentistry as a means to achieve that perfect smile. In some cases, you can find dentists that focus only on cosmetic procedures and treatments, and sometimes you can visit a dentist and they offer a range of treatments some of which fall beneath the cosmetic dentistry umbrella. If you find a great cosmetic dentist Crewe you might see popular treatments like the ones below.

Professional whitening

There are two ways to go about getting your teeth whitened. You can have it done by your dentist at the office or you can buy kits to do at home. Teeth whitening is the most common procedure performed in cosmetic dentistry Crewe. Dentists have procedures that use light as well as gels they can apply. A lot of people choose the home treatment as it gives them more flexibility with treatment, but the treatment from the dentist is more effective. You just need to be willing to commit the time to visit for the treatment sessions. You too can have a brilliant white smile you do not have to feel ashamed of or try to hide when you around others.

Dental veneers

Veneers have really jumped in popularity in the last couple of decades though they have really been around for a long time, they just look a lot better today! These are made from either resin or porcelain and are very thin shells that sit over the imperfection you are trying to hide. They are used for things like crooked teeth, chipped teeth, staining that are not responding to whitening and more. How veneers are now, means it is almost impossible to tell the difference unless you are really up close and looking for it. You can even use veneers to fill teeth in some cases with your cosmetic dentist Crewe. They have a good life span too as long as you have good oral health.

Teeth straightening

Another aspect of having a great smile is making sure your teeth are all straight. While orthodontics and braces and all of that are still around though much improved, there are more options for straightening today. One of the popular choices people prefer is invisible trays that over time realign the teeth. Whether you have one crooked tooth or several, moulds are taken so that your treatment suits your mouth and your needs.


There are some very good reasons to consider looking at cosmetic dentistry Crewe to achieve a better looking set of teeth and a more confident smile. General dentists can offer a range of treatments and the advances in dentistry mean that there are more affordable options that still have great results for those who cannot afford the more expensive options. Talk to your dentist about any concerns you might have and they can offer advice on what the options are, how long treatment might take, and what might work out to be best for you!

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