Smartphones are a rage today. And the more smartphones, the more the rising need for smartphone cases. While some people use them for protection, others use them for aesthetic purposes. Yet some of them use them as a symbol of their personality.

Traditional phone cases have taken a backseat as people prefer something beyond that - a personalized touch. If you are a mobile store owner who also sells phone cases, mobile cover design software could be a game changer for your business. You can offer custom prints, generic designs, or crafted wooden cases to your customers using it.

However, you need to understand the steps you need to follow to set up a store to sell phone cases alongside gadgets.

Create a site
We live in the digital world. Seeing the present scenario, your business may take an eternity to grow without an online presence. So, if you want to establish your brand, the very first step you need to take is to create a website.

A plethora of ecommerce platforms are available in the market to create your webstore. But you can’t pick just any random one. You should thoroughly analyze the options and decide the ecommerce framework that would suit your requirements the best.
Two factors that you should take into account are your business needs and cost-effectiveness to decide the right platform.

Install Mobile Cover Design Software
To offer customization in your phone cases, you need to install mobile cover design software in the backend. One important thing here to ensure is that it should be compatible with your ecommerce platform.
Several companies today deal in such software. Research all your options well, compare prices, functionalities, and features to reach an informed decision.

Choose Which Mobile Models to Support
As there are a lot of phone companies (like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.) you need to be specific about the models you want to support. Providing support for all models may increase your overhead expenses. To control your expenses and maximize your profits, conduct research about the popular phone models.

Find out which new models people are eagerly waiting for. Try gathering info about their size and shape and start designing phone cases for them. So that when these new models get launched, you are ready with custom covers to pitch for.

For example, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S20 is currently making rounds. So, if you are able to get the information about its size and specifications, you can design a phone case for it in advance.

Select the Phone Case Type
Once you have selected the phone models, you need to select the right phone case type. Some of the popular case types available in the market are as follows:

- Slim/Basic Cases - Slim cases are slightly thinner but stylish. They cover phone edges and back and protect them from scratches or damage from falls. They come in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Folio/Flip/Wallet Cases - These cases are stylish yet cost-effective. They not only protect your mobile well but also act as mini-wallets you can carry cards or IDs in.
These cases support the sleep-wake cycle. This means that when you cover the phone, the phone will be inactive, and it will come back to life after uncovering it.

Battery Cases - Battery cases are for dual-purpose. They not only protect your phone but also your mobile power. They come with an in-built battery and can prevent your phone from discharging in the absence of a power outlet for a long time. They are a little bulkier yet very useful.

Tough Cases - Those who need extra phone protection due to the nature of the job (mining, labor, on-field salesmen, etc.) may find these cases useful. They have two layers that provide your phone with extra durability and protection. The cushion layer in them protects them with almost any major impact. They are almost indestructible.

The best part is you can customize all these types as they have a printable surface. One can print anything like a photo, monogram, artwork, school, business or team logos, favorite characters, or more.

Be Prepared with What You Need
Plan everything properly from the beginning itself. Decide whether you want to carry on with an in-house printing setup or transfer the print job to a print manufacturer.
In the first scenario, you’ll need to buy a printer, sublimation ink, designing materials, etc. You’ll also need to confirm that your vendors maintain a continuous supply of materials.

Even in the second scenario, you need to take timely updates from your printer to ensure that your customers’ orders are met on time.

Run a Promotion Campaign
For the audience to notice your e-store, you should first make them aware about it. Social media platforms today are a rage and you can use them to your advantage.

While Facebook gives your brand possibly the largest visibility, LinkedIn enhances its professional value. Twitter is a great way to seek influencers’ recommendations to build your brand image.
Other innovative marketing strategies you may implement are a free limited-period trial, timely giveaways, online contests, etc.

These all combine to help promote your brand well.

To start selling phone cases online, analyze the market properly. Ensure that you follow the proper steps to set up your store and use good phone case design software to boost your phone case business.

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