The ShibaInu puppy is characteristically stubborn. Agile and sharp, it possesses a lot of energy to carry out many things. As a ShibaInu puppy owner, you need patience, understanding, and consistency to be able to nurture it the right way. This is because, unlike most dogs, they only do what they want to do. Starting out early in training is good as it takes some a long time to master a specific thing while some learn almost immediately.

The ShibaInu Puppy Temperament

Grooming a Shiba Inu puppy can be very difficult at times. Yet, you can take advantage of one of the attributes it possesses and that is fastidiousness. The dog will find its own way to keep itself clean and tidy. Therefore, training it for things such as relieving itself and staying in crates can be quite easy.

A shiba inu puppy likes its freedom and will be unhappy and really lonely when not paid attention to. Hence, one of the ways of keeping it groomed is by controlling its attention. Every Shiba enjoys walks, toys, treats, and other things. You can employ these against it. Take your ShibaInu puppy out for a walk; shout its name and count down to five or four. Typical of it, it will choose to take its time and do what pleases it rather than obey your rules. After it fails to obey your call promptly, do not appease it when it comes whining to you. It will learn its lesson. Next time you call it, it will learn that to get reward, it needs to play by the rules.

You must constantly and consistently enforce the following rules in order to keep a healthy and neat Shiba Inu puppy. Read on!

  • No roughhousing

When it is still young, a Shibainu puppy should be trained not to engage in rough play with humans. That should be very clear.

  • No biting

You must train your puppy not to bite. It should know that play-biting is wrong. Ensure you give it enough toys to deal with teething.

  • Shiba sharing

A ShibaInu puppy loves its territory and won’t love to share with others. It will unhesitantly bite off the face of anyone who wants to take its belongings. Reduce this possessiveness by engaging in exchanging objects with it and show that what it shares is what it will receive in return.

Shibas are aggressive, especially when forced to do things they hate. Thus, they must be socialized and exposed to see, hear, and smell unfamiliar things to make them more tolerant. Expose it to the outside world andensure thatyou keep it happy!

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