Photos are breather, at least to most of us. In such hurried times when we are bound by hectic work schedules and personal commitments, capturing photographs with loved ones and friends are the only way we can rejoice. Say for instance you are meeting your friends after months over a jolly weekend, what will you do other than talking your heart out or dining with them? Photos are the best alternatives if you want to commemorate your meet-up with a friend. Hence the role of an open-air photo booth can rarely be denied. Today, getting clicked in an open air backdrop is considered an incredible way to entertain ourselves. Hence such positive and modern form of entertainment is highly used at major events. 

Why installing an open-air photo booth is considered so much fun? 

Guests visiting an event have a habit of looking for a vital dose of entertainment lest they should get bored. As photography is increasingly becoming important nowadays and since we are overtly inclining ourselves towards this unique art-form involving capturing of moments, guests too can’t resist the idea of getting clicked, fully decked up in desirable attires and make-up. The excitement invites a good flow of positive energy, enriching the essence of the event. Beside, as a modern means of entertainment, an Open Booth in Sydney doesn’t restrict the number of people in a frame; neither does it throw any restriction pertaining to age. Anyone can get clicked in any number of times. The main aim is to keep the entertainment going. 

If there is a challenging project coming up soon, chiefly a wedding there is simply no other ways to wrap it up than a free standing open air booth, with no limitations of walls or decor. Here is some piece of advice as to how and why you should choose an open air photo-booth for your wedding: 


Although there is no set time for getting clicked, experts however claim that the ideal time to land up at the booth is right after you complete the wedding breakfast, which will roughly take around 7 or 8pm to complete. You can have a talk with your wedding planner about setting up a Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney. Adding to the essence, the free background of the booth will make it a smooth running for the day’s element. Ideally, it’s best to rush to the booth with the end of the grand breakfast. 

Sweet spots 

Almost all couples crave for setting up a photo-booth on their big day, generating exclusive photographs of the lovebirds cosily getting clicked. Now, since this is the ultimate among all actions, couples get confused and tempted when they are asked to choose among the multifarious spots. However remember to get the booth installed somewhere right between music, entertainment and fun. Such a sweet spot will have people gathering at the booth enjoying laughter over different funny occasions. This is supposed to create a wonderful atmosphere altogether. 

Group shots 

While you were thinking of getting clicked with the love of your life, don’t forget about those killer selfies with your crazy folks. Get some of those group shots with your friends and family as well. 

Although, you are likely to stay busy during the day attending to guests on a leisurely note, with a photo-booth in place you rarely have to worry about the crowd getting bored. Hence an open air photo-booth is ideal to keep the flow of the event, running.

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The author runs Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney. In recent times, the author has been sharing interesting details about getting a photo-booth installed at a wedding venue.