If you learn this one skill you will be able to trim off excess belly fat and manage your weight for the rest of your life easily. When you take all the fancy tips and tricks away the one skill that matters most is Blood Sugar Control. It’s as simple as that. If you control your blood sugar you can make it impossible to get any fatter, burn off the fat in your belly, your other problem areas and you live longer......

If you look around you, obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart diseases are reaching epidemic levels in Nigeria and throughout the world and the main reason for this is because people don’t know how to control their blood sugar levels. Most people think that it’s only eating fat that makes them fat. That is a mistake many people made in their understanding about healthy living, getting a trimmer belly and weight loss today....

Carbohydrates make more people have a fat belly and gain weight than excess fat does because it contains excess blood sugar. When you eat a bowl of pasta, chunk of bread or swallow, it gets broken down into sugars. Processed foods that have most of the fibers stripped away like rice and pasta get broken down quickly into sugar. This causes your blood sugar level to rise.

Once your batteries (glycogen stores) are filled up, what happens to any sugar that is left over?
Insulin converts the excess sugar into fat and stores it as FAT. It would store it in your belly, chest, arms, thighs, face etc. The real problem we are facing now is that we now have more sugar and grains in our diet. I mean check out the typical diet? It’s loaded with mainly carbohydrate foods and when its not, its loaded with lots and lots of fat.

Flat tummy is beauty and beauty starts from the belly. That’s why whenever you think of the ideal body, you immediately think of a flat belly. Not only for the purpose of beauty and looks alone that makes it necessary for you to maintain flat belly, but it also makes you feel good, free and healthy.

Studies have also shown that people with flat belly maintain good health condition with increased chance of longevity. Most Foods today are naturally fattening. That’s why most people can drop weight on the scale but never lose The Fat On Their tummy. You need to find proper foods and targeted exercise that will help you with this problem

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