There is no doubt that your diet is just as important as the workout you do in your weight loss endeavor. But the truth is that you don’t need to work so hard to get rid of your excess body fat.

There are many drinks to lose belly fat fast. If you have not heard about detox tea weight loss, you are missing the bus.

Are you one of those millions who find themselves on the losing side in their battle against the bulge? No matter how hard you try, the stubborn fat deposited on your belly, thighs, and arms simply refuses to melt.

Melting fat cells is your prime objective and there is nothing better for you if this goal can be achieved with the help of a detox tea. Here are 5 golden fat shrinking rules that you must always keep in your mind.

1. Eat more, weigh less

Isn’t this contradictory to whatever you have learnt about weight loss? However, the fact is that you need not starve yourself to shed excess body fat. You can do so easily by getting rid of toxins from inside your body and by eating super foods known for their ability to burn fat.

This means you can eat more and still hope to lose weight. You can drink detox tea weight loss full of antioxidants that flush out toxins from your body. It also keeps you feeling full to stop you from going for your snacks frequently.

This means you can eat more and still weigh less if you can find and start on a belly fat tea.

2. Reduce stress, lose fat

Stress plays a crucial role in any weight loss endeavor. Higher the stress levels, the lower is the chance of getting rid of body fat successfully. Your body is able to release more of stored fat when you are feeling light and happy. Your body’s ability to maintain high levels of hormones and enzymes helpful in burning and release of fat is badly affected when you suffer from high levels of chronic stress.

A fat reducing drink like African red tea is able to burn more body fat because of its ability to lower the levels of stress inside your body.

3. Eliminate toxins, drop pounds

Do you know toxins can defeat your weight loss endeavor by increasing fat storage hormones and decreasing fat burning hormones inside your body?

All kinds of processed foods that are yummy in taste contain these toxins like nitrates, sugars, Omega 6 fatty acids, herbicides, and pesticides. You are knowingly putting all these toxins inside your body by eating processed foods.

Best weight loss tea can detox your body to improve your chances of successfully losing excess body fat quickly. It will melt fat away naturally by performing the important function of cleansing the toxins from inside your body.

4. Rebalance hormones, release stored fat

Fat is deposited and stored inside cells in human body. The good news is that there are doors in these cells that can be unblocked to release the stored fat.

Scientific research has found Noradrenaline is a hormone that stimulates fat cells to open their locks and help in releasing of fat.

What does this mean?

It means that you need to consume foods that stimulate production of this hormone inside your body to initiate the process of fat release and burning at a brisk pace.

Belly fat tea contains not just this hormone but 4 other compounds that boost production of this hormone inside the body.

5. Exercise less, Lose more weight

You need to work smart, not hard to lose excess body fat. You just need to activate the full fat burning potential of your own body to achieve your goal.

Detox tea gets rid of toxins and encourages fat cells to release stored fat easily to help you shed your body fat.

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Misty Jhones