Hydrosalpinx refers to a fallopian tube that's blocked with a watery fluid. When the fallopian tube is blocked, it will form fluid. Although some women don't experience any symptoms, others may experience constant pain in the lower abdomen or unusual discharge.

There are various causes of hydrosalpinx, and pelvic inflammatory disease is the most common cause of this disease. Other factors include endometriosis, pelvic surgeries and so on. Besides, in ovulation induction therapy, because of the changes in hormone levels in the body, it may also form hydrosalpinx or aggravate the symptoms of hydrosalpinx.

What effect does hydrosalpinx have on pregnancy?

1. Patients with hydrosalpinx are often accompanied by fallopian tube blockage, which indicates that sperm and egg can not successfully meet, then people will not have a successful pregnancy.

2. When the fallopian tube is still very unobstructed, the water in the fallopian tube flows back to the uterine cavity, continuously flushing, further interfering with the contact between the embryo and the endometrium, thus affecting the embryo implantation.

3. Fluid in the fallopian tube can cause endometritis and harm the embryo, further affecting the embryo development, reducing the pregnancy rate, and increasing the probability of abortion.

What treatments does hydrosalpinx have?

Hydrosalpinx will affect the pregnancy results of women. So, it is necessary to take reasonable treatment before doing IVF. At present, the treatment of hydrosalpinx includes medication and surgery. There may be patients who wonder: why not remove the fallopian tube?

Removal of the fallopian tube may accidentally cut off some blood vessels, thereby affecting the ovary's blood supply, further affecting the function of the ovary, resulting in the decrease of the number of eggs. The ligation operation is only to remove the part of the fallopian tube connected with the uterus, which can prevent the water from flowing back to the uterine cavity and not affect the ovarian blood supply.

However, some patients are not very serious, so they can not accept surgical treatment. A herbal medicine, such as Fuyan Pill can be a better choice. The advantage of this treatment is to dredge the fallopian tube, clear up tubal fluids, and eliminate blood stasis and toxin to restore your reproductive system. At the same time, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability to have a better physical condition, natural pregnancy and healthy baby.Besides, IVF is also a better choice.

Hydrosalpinx is a severe stage of fallopian tube disease. Your ability to get pregnant with a hydrosalpinx will vary depending on the severity of your blockage and your treatment choice. Therefore, it is best to deal with hydrosalpinx before pregnancy.

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