Mastering a foreign language like Finnish is often an intimidating task especially if a learner is a beginner & wants to start from the scratch. Their success depends a lot on how training is imparted or lessons are delivered as well as study materials provided & the way tutors approach the regular task of teaching in classroom.

If a learner has opted for a regular or online Finnish Language Course in Kolkata then it can prove to be a smarter move than self-study. That’s because they will receive professional guidance & expert assistance. In this article, we shall briefly discuss the ways knowledge is imparted to the students.


Lectures in classroom are a daily task where learners expand their knowledge. In a Finnish language course, most of them revolve around pronunciation, grammar, & vocabulary. Success of the candidates depends a lot on how information is presented. If the methodologies are exciting & interesting, it will involve more students, grab their attention, & make their learning fruitful.

In a Finnish language program, training & lectures are provided b experienced & knowledgeable who leave no stone unturned to make the lectures interactive & incorporate technology to leverage them to the benefits of the students.

Topic notes

Here the trainers and instructors of a Finnish Language Course in Kolkata offer a gist or core substance of a chapter, ask students to write down general & exceptional syntax rules in Finnish language, give synopsis of the subject matter or provide a list of different words & phrases so that learners can memorize them longer. Notes are also given on how to translate Finnish to English or vice-versa to help learners gain proficiency in the language, origin & history of the language, alphabets, culture & basic tips to practice for fluency in verbal communication.


In workshops, students get the opportunity to gain knowledge & ask questions meeting through intensive discussions and activities by experts on a specific chapter, topic or project. Workshops are ideal to hone skills in Finnish language & and an integral aspect of the course.

Study materials

It mainly refers to the textbooks & reference printed materials that enhance the skills & knowledge of the students in Finnish language. Best courses offer comprehensive materials for the students and are designed to speed up their learning process & offer best guidance.

In online courses, study materials generally come in the form of PDF content & lessons & video & audio lectures. Platforms such as Google Meet, Skype & webcams are used by learners to interact with the instructors whereas emails & chatbots are used to get in touch with them on a regular basis.

Interactive activities

It includes improvisational speech & multiple tasking that stimulate the learning experience of the students in classroom & supplement their verbal communication skills.

Improvisational speech encompasses suitable clues, improvising turns out to be second nature. Once learners establish a command over what they’re saying & what they’re thinking while improvising, they can branch out and truly interact & get engaged in conversation irrespective of what their present level of expertise is.

Multiple tasking is an activity that introduces a “plug in” structure to utilize with any number of tasks, from spelling to sing-alongs. Learners get adapted and transform content as per the present lessons being learned.

Becoming adept in Finnish language is no longer difficult if learners enroll in a Finnish language course in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy. Achieve fluency while speaking within a few months whether it is for personal pleasure, vacation, or job. Opt for the online mode of training & study without leaving your current job & irrespective of personal commitments. Explore tips & tricks to succeed by learning at your own pace from any part of the globe & change your career trajectory for the better.

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