Hanbok is the most popular attire that addresses South Korean culture. You would find those who either belong to or love the Korean traditions and customs wearing the hanbok. If you are one of them, you must know that different Hanbok attires are available to purchase online at the premium Korean Hanbok store. And before that, you must know what type of Hanbok would suit you at your current age.

The Hanbok kids wear:


Let’s talk about the boys’ outfits first. Most of the boys’ hanbok designs have adorable colours for their Jeogori or overcoat. You can get colors like faded yellow, blue, purple, and bright red or pink at the most popular stores.
Often, these Hanbok overcoats have flowery designs on them. There are multiple styles available online for the younger boy’s Hanbok attires. You can find the overcoat tied up with a knot in one style, while the other style would be eye-catching enough by keeping the overcoat held together with the help of a vibrant belt tied across the waist.


Picture a princess, and that is what you get when you are dressing up a girl in Hanbok. Her attire is multi-layered, pretty, and eye-catching.
The color combination involving faded and baby pink and blue, bright pink and slightly yellow, or utterly white and faded pink are some of the top-notch choices that you can get at the most premium Korean Hanbok store nearby.
Often, a girl in hanbok wears such beautiful colour that almost all onlookers end up cooing, caressing, and embracing her. Her entire Hanbok look is finished with cute head gear like a tiara or famous Korean flowery caps.
She mostly wears a skirt and a top as her Hanbok attire. These overskirts can be simple or adorned with flowery patterns that young children are fond of. Often, young girls have the top with a knot at one of the sides. This knot usually matches the colour combination of the entire Hanbok she is wearing.
Then she can also complete the traditional look with Beosun socks and “flower shoes,” which Koreans love to wear once in a blue moon.

The Hanbok women wear:

The style that a woman wears with the usual Hanbok dress includes rich and premium colours. These can be cherry or blood-red-coloured overskirt with a slightly purple top, completely blue overskirt with a white top, beautiful violet overskirt adorned with world-class embroidery topped with equally captivating top with violet lapels.
The entire image of such an example makes the viewer imagine a figure that speaks confidence, royalty, and boldness. It is sufficing to say that young and adult women who love to wear Hanbok are looking to find and purchase premium designs for their hanbok.
They can explore these choices on the premium Korean Hanbok store anywhere online. Thus, in comparison to the younger age where the image in one’s mind related to a girl is quite sensitive and delicate, an adult woman wearing Korean Hanbok is quite decisive, eager, bold, and knows how to carry herself amongst others.
Often, an adult woman can complete her look with silver or rose gold jewellery, depending on the colours she has chosen for her Hanbok attire for the day ahead.
Other than that, they also get a chance to wear “flower caps” once in a blue moon while they are wearing this attire. Apart from that, most women wearing Hanbok will not wear any hats, but will have their hair in braids. They will either tie their hair up in a bun, that gives out more of a formal look or wear their braids down.
The latter look is more suitable for women who are young adults. But the former look is best for mothers, especially if she is wearing the hanbok to an important event, like her child’s wedding.

The Hanbok men wear:

The Hanbok style is pretty simple and clean for men as they become adults or grow older. They have two main pieces, instead of the multiple layers, and wear a top and pants (the baji).
The best Korean Hanbok store online at the Korean in Me offers hanbok clothing for men, women, and children, and for weddings, engagement shoots, and first birthdays.

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