In any society, children are the most vulnerable ones. So, they need to be protected and nourished as they are our future. Which is why there are many NGOs in India that help children from under privilege category reach their potential. It is not just children who are from disadvantaged groups that need attention; even children from the affluent section of the society may need help for their mental and physical growth. Hence don’t think that NGO s that are there are there only for poor children; they are here to help any child in need. Below is some way an NGO donate for child education to better their life.

An NGO’s help starts even before a child is born. For the healthy birth of a child, the mother has to be healthy. Though there are many government schemes to help mothers from lower economic categories in the rural and urban areas, it is not always enough. There are many who don’t even have any government ID which is a must for getting help through any government scheme. That is especially true for tribal regions which are one of the most backward areas of India. The NGOs working with them not only provide food and medical help but also counselling help. They help with the delivery costs if the family can’t afford it.

The next segment of children that a NGO help is those who are abandoned at birth. Regrettably, many of these abandoned babies are usually girl child. There are many NGOs that work with new-born abandoned babies. Some are left at their doorstep and some they collect from hospitals where the parents had left them. The children are taken care of by volunteers and caregivers from the NGO. SOS children village is one NGO known for its long-term care of abandoned babies.

Another area where vulnerable children need help is child labour. Thanks to relentless and selfless dedication by many NGOs this menace of society is declining slowly. These NGOs petitioned and fought the evil predators of child labours over many years and ultimately the government took step by first introducing strict child labour laws and then making sure that the law is implemented in needed areas. This is a fight that is still going on; these NGOs need help to fight that. The most prominent among such NGOs in BachpanBachaoAndolon whose founder Kailash Satyarthi was given the Nobel peace prize jointly with Malala Yousafzai in 2014.

Not all children are vulnerable due to economic situations; child abuse is a poison that ruins the lives of children in any economic situation. This is why the NGOs that fight child abuse often face uphill tasks because sometimes the people they are fighting against are the very people you expect to save the child. The relentless effort of such NGOs led to the enactment of POSCO, the first-ever law in India that dealt with child abuse in India. It also led to the establishment of Childline a 24-hrs call line for vulnerable children. Since it started, many children have been rescued from horrendous abusive environments. Save The Children is one of the pioneering NGOs in this very important area of a child’s life.

Education is the best way a child can rise from his or her adverse situation. That is why there are many NGOs that help children with their education. Some of them run ashrams where children from poor economic areas can stay and learn for free. Some run schools where the fees are often very low or none and they also provide mid-day meals to them. Then there are NGOs that offer coaching help; the volunteers from such NGOs help children with their schoolwork as most of them are the first in their family to go to a school. Teach For India is a notable NGO in this field of child NGO.

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SOS India working as an education ngos in india. We support over 25,000 children across India through our Family Based Care.