You do not need to be smart to forecast how the scenario of B2B will pan out in 2019.

It surely is going to be keenly competitive.

We have already been witnessing how marketers are operating to provide traction to their companies’ brands.

The focus is on leveraging the best marketing technology and making use of the best tricks to reach out to consumers.

This trend will continue with renewed vigor in 2019.

Here are two trends that are likely to get more muscle in the coming months.

1. Personalization

Personalization has continued to be the focal point of marketing by savvy businesses.

One area that is likely to get more attention now is one-to-one personalization.

Yes, personalization is not just for business-to-consumer or B2C products and services anymore. B2B has entered the bandwagon as well, and they should.

“Consumers want you to know them” says a seasoned marketer in a SME business. “If you do not create a one-to-one experience you will end up last in the race”.

Even in a B2B scenario you must engage the customer with brand experiences that are applicable to their needs.

Sadly this is easier said than done.

Businesses know, even in the B2B space you must leverage the customer intelligence to beat competition.

This can look a tall order with so much of fluid and undefined data on the web and elsewhere.

Fortunately, predictive analysis can assist you in overcoming hurdles and deliver what your target audience is craving for.

“You must capture and organize data”, says an owner of a successful small and medium enterprise.

As a smart marketer you must:

• Capture and integrate data from every source
• Personalize content
• Pinpoint and capture customers on multiple devices.
• Create innovative data-driven streams

And we must not forget “word of mouth marketing, an approach that is priceless for all businesses.

This technique is also called WOMM in short.

It is a free form of promotion shared by consumers and triggered by their positive experiences of a brand / product.

Why is WOMM so important?

Customers trust their colleagues, friends and contacts. What friends and contacts say is far more reliable than any form of marketing.

A great way to reach out to a large slice of your audience is by leveraging a B2B portal like Esources.

As per an Esources Review, “This portal has tools and features crafted to B2B companies”.

2. Harnessing long form content

Our thoughts have evolved into thinking that content must be concise, and to the point.

It is no longer that way. Today the marketing mantra is to deliver long form content to the target audience.

The chief reason for this shift is this strategy achieves more with your SEO efforts.

Remember, a B2B consumer is more discerning that a B2C one. They need more data and more details of the products and services you are offering.

With long form content you will get more visibility and the customer solid proof of your industry expertise and experience.

Even research has revealed that longer contents tend to rank higher in Google search results.

But how do businesses identify potential customers in this enormous market?

According to an review, “This portal is doing an excellent job of offering exclusive access to suppliers and buyers so that they can benefit by increased exposure”.

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Peeter Jack is a reputed writer known for her deep knowledge of the ecommerce industry and online selling trade. He has written many articles and blogs that cover the various aspects of the industry, with a liberal sprinkling of high value data.