A good way to keep germs at bay is to invest in a hand sanitizer dispenser. These come in quite a few different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find non-contact, freestanding, wall-mountable, foaming, and tabletop varieties for any room in your home or office. All of these are very affordable, especially when you factor in the money you are saving in the long run. The less exposure you have to germs, the less you will get sick. In a family setting, this means less money for copays for doctor visits and prescription drugs. In the business environment, this means less work lost by employees and lower health insurance rates. Whatever your needs, this small investment will pay off again and again.

Starting with the tabletop variety, this hand sanitizer dispenser is usually a plastic bottle with a pump. When you press the pump, the liquid or foam will come out. This type is most often found in an office setting, perhaps on the counter in the reception area, on an employee's desk, or on the table in a conference room. As for personal use, keeping a bottle on your car or bathroom counter is always good for that extra level of protection against germs. Another variety that is good for personal use is the mini or compact bottle. These are just the right size to keep in your purse, your child's backpack, or even a locker.

However, back to the point, now we will talk about the wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser. These are commonly found in public toilets. They will have a push pad on the bottom or top of the unit and when pressed, liquid or foam will be dispensed into the palm of your hand. Another wall mount offers a contactless or contactless function. This battery-operated model incorporates sensors. When a palm is placed under the unit, the disinfectant liquid (usually foam or gel) automatically falls onto the palm. These units are mounted with strong double-sided adhesive or alternatively with four screws. For those who don't want to go to the extreme of wall mounting something, they have the option of a freestanding unit. This works in the same way as the wall mount as it can be user operated or automatic and you can choose between foam, liquid or gel. Just place the vertical unit where you want it; no attachment to anything is needed.

A hand sanitizer dispenser, when used correctly, reduces the transmission of cold-causing germs by 99.9%. To use this correctly, make sure the amount dispensed is the size of a quarter. Rub your hands together well for about thirty seconds, making sure all areas are covered with the substance. Do not rinse or dry your hands. The disinfectant liquid will dry on its own in a very short period of time. By following these simple steps, you are on your way to a more germ-free life, https://hygienel.co.uk/

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Starting with the tabletop variety, this hand sanitizer dispenser is usually a plastic bottle with a pump.