Hair follicle turns numb for a duration of 45-60 days after it loses a hair strand and a hair strand starts after the resting phase. The resting phase may be prolonged due to lack of nutrients or other reasons and thus the rates of hair regrowth and hair fall are imbalanced. In this condition, the hairline tends to recede. There are several hair growth treatments available to aid the growth of new hair strands.
There are several surgical and non-surgical processes of hair regrowth. The trichologists studies the nature of hair loss and suggests a particular treatment procedure. There are several procedures available like hair transplantation, laser hair resurrection, PRP treatment for hair and several other procedures to aid hair regrowth in no time. All these procedures are safe and painless and are carried out by certified experts using approved equipment.
At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic we have the best fleet of certified and experienced professionals. Consult our trichologists for your hair problems. The expert understands the hair conditions and initially tries to address it with topical applications oils or medicine and suggested diet plans. Depending on the response of the patient's body to initial treatment a call for the aesthetic process will be taken if necessary.

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