The year 2017 has proved beyond any doubt that online buying is the way to go – even in the B2B space.

It is now the new normal for all kinds of businesses.

A case in point is Amazon. Since the launch of Amazon Business in 2015, this leading name in the online segment is pushing aggressively in the B2B sector.

The United States is slated to cross over $ 1 trillion in business ecommerce by 2021.

The markets in other countries are following suit too.

To actually fructify optimistic forecasts, it is essential that B2B companies must evolve and inch towards digital transformation.

Thankfully they will.

Here are a few observations that reveal why the B2B sector will smoothly go ahead with digital innovation

A good slice of B2B buyers are millennials

This is no surprise because statistics say the new B2B buyer is young, tech savvy and up market.

Millennials dislike the traditional cumbersome processes that has significant human interactions.

Unlike the traditional buyer, the present gen is looking forward to leverage the ease of doing business, which ecommerce websites provide.

What they expect is spontaneity, 24/7 availability of doing ecommerce business and self service.

Ubiquity of mobiles

There is no any need to stress that the present buyer is increasingly becoming mobile.

The smartphone has enabled buyers to research products and services compare offers and prices, contact vendors, and complete transactions all in the palm of their hands.

In fact a mobile has proved to be an “always-on” workplace for the present day gen.

Esources, the UKs largest directory is one of the portals that enables reaching out to numerous businesses conveniently.

Focus on personalization

There is no other device that allows for better personalization than the mobile.

Apart from reaching out to a particular individual, personalization takes on different approaches.

The internet allows sellers to provide buyers with catalogs, pricing and product selection and individualization.

In this regard is one of the best portals to search for and locate a specific target audience.

Author's Bio: 

Peeter Jack is a reputed writer known for her deep knowledge of the ecommerce industry and online selling trade. He has written many articles and blogs that cover the various aspects of the industry, with a liberal sprinkling of high value data.