The Pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the world. For a long time, many people had to work from home, people were only leaving their homes when they had to, and a lot of people started taking advantage of the internet to get things done. People were using online running clubs before the pandemic. But with a larger emphasis now on social distancing, it has become even more of a blessing to those who love to run. No need to stay apart, wear masks and worry about putting yourself and your family at risk. So whether you just prefer to run alone, have a schedule that does not suit an in-person club, or are trying it out during the pandemic, here is a look at what it is and what the advantages are.

An overview of what a virtual running club might offer

There are several options when it comes to what platform you choose and there will be small differences between them, so compare a few that appeal to you so you find the right one. Ultimately though with a great club online you can find support in your running, training tips, advice, and people like you, looking to connect. Things you can look forward to benefiting from include;

  1. Weekly resources made available and updated in a range of different genres and types aimed at helping members with their running.
  2. Live classes online and live training runs you can participate in. Listen to live audio as you run, become more flexible with a Yoga class and more. Take advantage of useful apps.
  3. Training plans for all kinds of runners that you can use to reach your goals. Whether you want to run a marathon or are trying your first couch to 1k, there are plans to help you be as prepared as you can be. Or maybe you are looking to achieve fitness goals, or just have a more enjoyable and less injury-prone time!
  4. Fun challenges to participate in! Whether it is some runs, a 30-day training challenge, a distance challenge,there are all kinds of fun challenges.
  5. An online running club is always there. There are no opening hours to stick to, or schedules to follow. If it is 1 in the morning and you want to talk to someone about a challenge, a race, a training session or something else, you can! Forums where people connect and top coach tips whenever you want to access them.
  6. Access to experts. Often a virtual running club has the added benefit of having professional and experienced coaches who are a part of what is on offer. They will post tips, videos, audios, advice and so on on a whole variety of things.


Have people and professional advice without needing to worry about becoming ill. You can still enjoy running and get better at it and strive to achieve goals and have fun with others but at a safe distance!

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