A person can have plenty of choices when he or she decides to buy a puppy for their home that can play with their kids. You can easily buy such a loving pet from your nearby pet shops or instantly from a puppy owner who is an expert dog breeder.

It is highly recommended to buy a dog when he is a little puppy, as it can give you a huge sum of time to socialize with them and getting them trained. Moreover, buying from pet dog owners, not from those dealing in wholesale but those who keep them as their family members is usually the best way to bring the new dog to your home.

Why buy dogs from dog owners?

Well, the dogs bought directly from dog owners who keep them as pets are usually the best way. At home, dogs are also less exposed to life-threatening diseases and prone to other dog conditions because they are kept in an environment away from other animals, unlike those in puppy mills or pet shops where these animals are kept in herds.

By consulting directly with a dog owner, you will have the following advantages:

You can see for yourself if a young dog’s parents are healthy and well cared for by the breeder.
You will come to know how young and healthy dogs can be when they will grow.

Dogs purchased from dog owners will also be less stressed because they are with their parents and siblings also you do not need to train your dog as they would not be having behavioral problems.
Another gain in choosing to buy direct from dog owners is that these people can offer you expert advice about the type of food that needs to feed a dog and exercise that will best suit the puppy you buying.

How to find the best puppy seller in your location?

Finding pet dog owners in and around your area can be difficult sometimes, though. The best course to take would be to check in with your local dog club if your place has any. The regional authorities should be able to provide you with the information if they have dog clubs in terms of news broadcasts or local newspapers. If not, try contacting national dog clubs of your country and ask them if they have members in the area you are living in.

You can also buy from pet stores but the drawback is there is no proper care is taken in puppy stores and dogs can prone to many diseases. There are very few stores that take the time to care for the dog or other pets they are selling.

If I talk about Sheepadoodle, Bernadoodle, and Goldendoodles from the poodle family they are usually small loving dogs, and usually, they are overlooked in regards to keeping them well cared for, especially in large pet stores that sell a lot of different sort of dog breeds. Most of the time, their staff do not pay much attention to dog safety and they are not well experienced in dog nurturing. When buying from pet stores, look around and ask questions that you have in your mind.

Pet dogs from most pet stores usually come from wholesalers who breed dogs in huge numbers, distributing them to different pet shops all over the country. Dogs originating from these sources were exposed to greater risks of sickness and stress. Imagine being a young little rat placed in a cramped cage with other dogs, moving from place to place, and finally settled in a pet shop whose staff do not have a clue how to properly care for you. You will probably get sick too.

If you were fortunate enough to find one of such types of shops, then it is perfectly okay to buy your pet dog there. Just remember, when buying a pet dog, you will have an easier time managing and keeping them if they came from a place that truly cared for their well-being from the moment they were born.

Is there any trustworthy dog owner to buy a companion dog?

Rebecca is one of the greatest dog owners who are running Doubleudoodle for many years. She is the one who nurtures double doodle puppies and dogs, taking care of their diet, and indulging them in exercise. At Doubleudoodle she and her team grow dogs, especially Sheepadoodle, Bernadoodle and Goldengoodles, and treat them like family members until they get to your home. Even after purchasing dogs from them, you can keep consulting with them about the health and diet of dog-like friends, not like puppy mills where after the purchase the entire responsibility will be on your shoulders.

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Responsible breeders of health tested bernedoodles, sheepadoodles and goldendoodles.