In the dictionary a phobia is described as an 'irrational fear, a hatred'. fear is not a bad thing fear is that thing that stops you from going to close to a cliff edge or putting your hand in a fire. These are fears of the probable they are there to protect us from harm. Its when some one has a fear of something that is extremely imposable to happen a fear that has no basses in reality, then we are dealing with a phobia. To be frightened of a tiger is logical but to be frightened of a bee is not. But to those who have those fears they are very real to them and are very hard to overcome.

What is Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)?
Social phobia, or social anxiety is it is sometimes known as, is a feeling of being overly aware of everything that you do, being self conscious a fear of being judged, or being embarrassed in front of others. If you suffer from a social phobia you may find you are fearful of speaking in front of people or writing, drinking or eating in front of other people. People with social phobia almost certainly keep this to them self feeling almost embarrassed to tell anyone even there closest friends.

A person who suffers from a social phobia may have symptoms such as feeling nauseas, sweating, blushing, trembling difficulty talking stuttering and feel as though everyone is focused on them. Social phobia is probably one of the most common phobia that people seek help for here at the Bolton Hypnotherapy Clinic. Social phobia can be successfully treated through a course of hypnoanalysis provided the person is willing to put time and effort into there own treatment.

If you feel you may have a social phobia then why not book your initial consultation were we can discus your problem in more detail and solve your problem once and for all, it will be the best decision you ever make.

Some symptoms of social phobia

Shy bladder (Paruresis), also known as toilet phobia or 'shy pee'
Shy bowel (Parcopresis), another toilet phobia describing not being able to use public toilets when others are around
Blushing, fear of blushing/going red or hot flushes
Fear of eating in front of other people
Stuttering or stammering
Worried about how others 'see you'
(Agoraphobia)...not going out of the house making excuses so not to interact with others..... feeling on the spot
exams or interviews
Performance anxiety surrounding sex e.g. premature ejeculation impotence
Fear of public speaking
Feeling of not being good enough for others
Being afraid of those in authority
Fear of writing in front of others

Do you suffer panic attacks? (sometimes called anxiety attacks)

People who have any kind of phobias will almost certainly have panic attacks or as some people say, anxiety attack. A sudden feeling of being overwhelmed with a sense of danger with a fight or flight response. A fear of losing control, sweating and shortness of breath.

Symptoms of a panic attack
Sudden intense anxiety or fear
Dizziness or Nausea
Heart pounding
Shortness of breath
Mind going 'blank'
Sense of danger
Chest tightness
Fear of losing control

Get rid of your phobia permanently
Hypnoanalysis (analytical therapy)

Phobias respond well to hypnoanalysis leaving the person completely free from that something inside themselves but out of there control. The therapy can takes between 8 to 12 weekly session were one is taken into hypnosis then is asked to free associate of memories, feeling, and thoughts of the past often very emotional to the client. Many emotional and psychological problems are deep rooted in the subconscious of the mind, hypno-analysis goes looking for the root cause of the problem thus leaving the person free from their symptoms permanently.

Hypnoanalysis is a very special form of therapy hypno-analysis does not treat the symptom e.g. ( phobias, depression, anxiety, sexual problems), but goes looking for the original cause subconscious reasons for the symptom.

Testimonials from some of my cients

Social Phobic

Dear Philip
Where can I start well lets start with how I felt before I took the hypnotherapy sessions. Before I came to the sessions I felt nervous in busy places and around people I hardly or didn’t know and was always unsure about doing different things, as I felt awkward and uneasy a feeling as if everyone was looking at me. Because of this I would feel as though I was walking wrong or felt very stiff as I walked in the street or anywhere I felt uncomfortable.

The change I have definitely noticed in myself is great, I am now more confident less shy or reserved towards people, eager to got out busy places and I actually enjoy shopping now even in busy places like the Trafford centre.

Last of all I can’t remember the last time I felt glum or down I am actually trying to remember what it felt like??????? Which I can’t to be honest
Thanks Phil

Social Phobic

Dear Philip
I would like to thank you very much I feel much better for seeing you. Before I came to see you I  could not even go shopping without having an anxiety attack I felt really uneasy around people. You asked me how strong the anxiety was on a scale of 1-10, it felt like a 10, when ever l went shopping or went out for a meal. Well now I can honestly say it is now a big fat 0, and l feel more confident in my self and feel I can achieve much more than a ever thought possible.
Thank you so much

Dentophobia (fear of dentist)

Dear Philip
Before I came to see you I could not even think about going to the dentist without having a panic attack. I really needed some treatment on my teeth as I had not been for about ten years because of my anxiety and panic attacks. After the hypnosis sessions I felt much better in such a short time. I needed to see the dentist for a check up and I was surprised when I didn't even have a panic attack I felt really calm and relaxed just like you said I would. I felt so relax in fact I even had an extraction much to my surprise and now I can look forward to my next visit without any anxiety or panic.

Thank you so much Philip


Although depression is put in catorgary of its own many people how suffer from depression have anxiety related symptoms.

Dear Philip
I started having hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis 7 weeks ago for depression and have found the session to be very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and l'm a much more relaxed person. I have tried other therapies counselling but they did not seem to do much good, Philip was the last person l came to see l wish l would of come to Philip first.

l have been battling with depression for 20 years It feels that the depression has lifted from my shoulders am getting a good nights sleep for the first time in 20 years . So l would like to thank you Philip so very much.


If you need any information on hypnoanalysis for the treatment of social anxiety then please feel free to contact me or emal me.

Author's Bio: 

Bolton hypnotherapist Philip Monaghan DHP

Philip aged 46 started his journey to self improvement over ten years ago studying hypnosis and psychology. He holds a qualification in pure hypno-analysis which he gained in 1999 through the International Association of Hypno-analyst which is one of the largest organizations of its kind in Europe. Philip has trained with Neil French Europe’s top experts in hypno-analysis the founder of the IAH 30 years ago, gaining his qualification from Neil who is now in retirement.

Philip is based at the Deane Clinic Bolton he is an expert in the treatment of phobias, and has assisted people with social anxiety, depression, IBS, sexual problems, and emetophobia which is the fear of being sick. Philip is now regarded as an expert being invited to work along side doctors and health professionals. Philip now runs two very successful practices treating people with psychological and emotional problems he has a lot of interest in his work from all over UK, Europe, and America