Suffering right now is about how we programmed ourself. It is all that we wrote down in our manual for living from the beginning of the womb and throughout many life times have come back to resolve to evolve. We used suffering to find out what we were not to re-member who we were, which is love. We live in the world of polarity. Each Era there has been a shift of getting out of suffering. In this Era we are discovering that the answer is to choose again and the answer is within. I can stop believing in the illusion. I can detach the emotional and mental ego talk aspect from the illusion. The memory is always there but it won't be in your face. You can remember anytime you choose. The old way was to deal with it until you didn't feel with it anymore. But that only means it is still there. In this Era it is important to heal it.

The only reason we keep doing suffering is because we programmed ourselves that way. We got out our manual for life and wrote it in. we agreed with the illusion. We as babies or in the womb see life with our sensory system and without knowing what to trust we believed that is the way it is. We didn't use our ability of reason because that develops later.

Our subconscious mind number one job is to preserve the body. So when you are spending life force energy on something that no longer serve you but yet you are still giving life force energy to. You keep it alive. Your subconscious mind will bring it up for you to remember or experience so you will resolve it. We really never had the tools until now. The big difference is enlightenment. When you are viewing life, are you viewing life in the ego or Spirit?

The programs can be imprints, encoding, traumas, paradigms, vows, agreements, contracts, genetics, to name a few.

Another way is that we are out of frequency with Source in order to learn from it. But because it has been a habit we forget to call ourselves back out of the lesson and get ourselves back into alignment.

Source just doesn’t want us to focus upon now. That is not enough we need to focus on the whole. Source does not just want us to give our attention to what is happen just now. Source wants us to be aware in the NOW that of what we are giving our attention to and is it serving us. What we are focusing on now matches the choice that we have made and the choice that my Source is making.

As you focus on a particular memory of pain and you use your sense of self-talk (can be either Spirit or Ego in this case Ego) and you now become discourage and sad. You taped into that frequency. Now for every thought you think you create a chemical peptide that plays itself out in the physical body (from acute to chronic) and the frequency is sent out from you to create the reality you are thinking of.

You used your power for now and your ability to focus in your now, you fixated on a vibration that your HigherSelf would match up to. Your HigherSelf always sees you Magnificent, whole and brilliant, worthy and capable. When you choose a thought that is very far from that then your vibration of your thought causes resistance within you that doesn’t allow your connection to source that would be otherwise.

The vibration of reality. Is that you are whole (highest frequency.) We use thought as the tool to weave in and out of lower to higher frequencies. When we weave into a lower frequency we feel separated. We can feel suffering. We get stuck there because we forget to choose again with another higher frequency thought. Our ego tends to over identify with that frequency and we stay there. A miracle is just a shift in thought. Death is just a shift in thought. We resist going back to the source but it isn’t the trueSelf it is the ego self. That doesn’t want to die or change. It sees it as death.

There are many wonderful tools to help a person to get over something in a matter of minutes of instead of never.

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I am a metaphysical practitioner and teacher. I have been in this industry for over 20 years. I have dedicated my life in learning, teaching and helping.