Leaning how to relax can greatly improve our health and well-being. That's why it's so important to find ways to introduce more relaxation into our everyday lives. If you don't learn to manage stress, stress will manage you. And left unchecked, stress can be draining, exhausting, cause anxiety, and may even create health issues.

All of us look for ways to counter stress on a regular basis, sometimes without even being aware of it. Some of us go to the gym to work off stress. Others go to the pub and try to drink stress away. There are the couch potatoes that zone out in front of the TV to eliminate stress, and then there are those who use smoking or drugs as the answer. But drinking, smoking, or drugs are toxic and can be damaging to our bodies and mind.

The key to finding true relaxation is balance. If you are use to a hectic lifestyle, you may feel that relaxing might make you lose your edge. You may also be addicted to the effects of adrenaline, and find it problematic to relax. But remember our bodies can't remain on high alert all the time. It will eventually lead to burn out, and possibly physical ailments.

So, the best time to discover how to bring more peace and relaxation into your life is before the lack of it becomes a problem. Practice ways to relax anytime you get a chance, or whenever you feel the need to release stress.

Here are some of my favorite relaxation positions. You've probably seen them before. Some variations are used in yoga exercises, but I find the following four positions to be very helpful in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

1. Legs across the chair

Begin by getting a chair. Now lay with your back on the floor, and place your legs on the seat in a sideways position. Make sure the chair is right up against the bend in your knees. This is good for the lower back. It also allows your whole body to let go of tensions and your muscles can begin to relax. Slow down your breathing too. If you really want to go deep into this relaxation position, try covering your eyes with a moist warm towel or cucumbers slices.

2. Bottom against the wall

Next, put the chair aside and move your buttocks up to the base of a wall and extend your legs straight up the wall. Make sure your bottom is as close to the base of the wall as possible, and make sure the small of your back is flat against the floor. You can place your arms straight out on either side, or just keep them by your sides. Again, keep your breathing slow, or do some breathing exercises. The point is to do whatever feels most relaxing to you. There's no right or wrong way.

3. Knees into the chest

Now bring your knees down close to your chest. Hold your legs to your chest with your hands if you can. That really helps stretch the lower back. If it feels more relaxing to you, just keep your knees in a bent position as close to your chest as possible. Close your eyes, breathe through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Do whatever makes you feel more relaxed.

4. Blanket under shoulder blades

Now here's the last one. Slowly move away from the wall. Don't jump up quickly. That's counterproductive to everything you just did. Instead, roll over on your side, and use your arms to push yourself up into a sitting position. Now take a blanket, towel or cloth and roll it into the shape of a log. Place it on the floor and lay back on the cloth so that it's horizontally straight across your shoulder blades. You can increase the range of this position by stretching your arms out on either side, tucking the small of your back against the floor, pulling your knees up in a bent position and your feet flat on the floor. Most of our stress gets stuck in our neck, shoulders and lower back. This relaxation position really helps to release the stress knots that can form in those areas.

There you have it. Simple, easy positions to help release stress. Remember, when you're done, don't get up quickly. Roll over on your side, and use your hands and arms to push yourself up into a sitting position, and then continue to get up slowly. Do any or all of the positions whenever you get a chance, and share them with a friend. To your health!

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