In Australia, the government is obligated to frequently test the market and find suppliers offering the best value. This prevents a closed shop and gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to compete for high-value public contracts.

Are you competing for government tenders in Sydney ? Winning a government contract can prove to be a significant achievement for your organisation. If you want to stand apart from the competition, leave no stone unturned with these useful tender writing tips.

1. Read & Understand the Questions
Before you start writing a tender proposal, carefully read and understand the question. Make sure you grasp the requirements, evaluations criteria and other specifications. When writing the response, ensure every question is completely answered.

2. Don’t Assume Evaluators Know You
Whether you have impressive achievements or you’ve won contracts in the past, don’t assume evaluators would know about your organisation. Draft your tender proposal like the prospective buyer has never heard about you. Clearly describe your capabilities, resources and achievements in detail.

3. Be Relevant
Your tender response is bound to fail if your capabilities don’t align with the buyer’s requirements. Make sure what you're offering is relevant to the requirements of the prospective client. Keep your tender proposal to the point and succinct.

4. Support Your Claims
In addition to clearly stating your capabilities and achievements, it’s also imperative to support your claims. Use reliable evidence, client testimonials and other dependable data to back your claims.

5. Adhere to the Word Count
Word count is often specified to ensure bidders don’t end up submitting lengthy documents. Adhere to such word limits to ensure your proposal is concise.

6. Follow the Format
If the buyer has provided a specific format or template, make sure you write your tender proposal accordingly.

7. Avoid Copy-Pasting
Avoid copy-pasting from your own or other tender proposals. Even if a question is virtually the same as another one, don’t blatantly plagiarise. Don’t cut corners if you want your tender proposal to stand out. Answer every question in a genuine and authentic manner.

8. Submit On TIme
Time is of the essence when it comes to winning high-value contracts. If you’re serious about beating the competition, then it’s crucial to submit tenders on time. It’s unlikely that your proposal will be accepted after the deadline. So don’t wait till the last second to submit tender proposals!

Final Words
Writing a persuasive tender proposal can be tricky. Instead of letting a coveted opportunity pass you by because of mediocre writing skills, consider involving a professional tender writer.

Author's Bio: 

Tim Entwisle is the Managing Director of Madrigal Communications , Tim has been running the organization successfully and has a diverse knowledge in public contracting and specialises in tender proposal writing.