Fueled by the inefficiencies of the domestic healthcare, millions are traveling to foreign countries for medical treatment. Though you might think that only the wealthy ones are flying for surgeries, but it’s the middle class who has driven the explosion of Medical Tourism to get cheaper treatments.

Who would not love to save thousands of dollars with an advantage of quality care, that too, in another country? But the real hard work is to decide the destination country, the accommodation, the hospital and choosing the right medical tourism facilitator.

Being a medical tourist, indeed, requires a lot of research. With the presence of contrasting and excessive information on medical tourism, many medical tourists are confused about taking the right step to get successfully treated abroad.

Are you thinking of traveling to a different country for medical treatment? Then the following points will guide you to leap of faith towards medical tourism and how to stay well informed throughout the journey.


No doubt, the first thing you would consider as a source of information is the Internet. Today most of us get our queries solved through the internet. Medical Tourism is a very small part of the internet, but we can still get comprehensive knowledge about the same. Right from which country to choose, cultures of different countries, the quality of treatment to comparing costs at different hospitals. You can have it all at just a click away.

The only issue with the Internet is the variety of available sources of information. Some can be even bogus at times. In such cases, make sure you refer only to credible websites like International Medical Travel Journal. Websites like these will not only provide easy information but also a reliable one.

Friends and Family:

Family and friends are other reliable sources of information. Individual experiences can certainly help us take this crucial decision to become a medical tourist or not.

Moreover, friends and family can provide the support you need during this period. If any of your closed ones have undergone the same treatment successfully, this might boost your confidence.

Also, keep in mind that individual experiences are specific to them so do not expect the same journey in your case. Don’t just blindly follow the advice. You can anytime browse the internet or consult a local doctor for any advice.

Local Doctors:

Local doctors play a very important role as your initial diagnosis and treatment started at their clinics. So, they are the ones who will provide the maximum information related to your treatment. They can also guide you through all the necessary care you should be taking once in a foreign country.

However, don’t just rely on one local doctor’s advice. Try and get second opinions from other experienced doctors so that you can alter treatment plans abroad.


Hospitals provide the ultimate range of information on your preferred treatment plan. The hospital in the destination country will provide you information on possible treatment methods, the technology used, pre/post-operative care and other crucial information. The hospital facilitation may even assist you with the hotels and tourist guides for your convenience.

Most of the hospitals advocate themselves as the best. But when it comes to choosing the best hospital with quality care, you should consider an accredited hospital. Accreditations speak a lot about the quality of treatment the hospital provides.

Another important thing to consider is the method of treatment the hospital recommends you for your medical history. Many times, the hospital might disregard alternative successful treatment methods due to lack of its capacity. In such scenarios, you can consider comparing hospitals online to undergo the best medical treatment.

Medical Tourism Facilitator:

One of the best ways to stay well informed during your entire medical trip is to affiliate with a Medical Tourism Facilitator. So, when deciding your facilitator, do thorough research on the available treatment options, and then make a final call.

A medical facilitator will simplify the process of medical travel right from your arrival to the recovery. The facilitator takes the right decisions for you considering your medical condition, cultural and cost considerations, and the best method of treatment.

Patient Testimonials:

Patient testimonials can be a great source of information as you might get acquainted with the difficulty of the preferred medical treatment in another country. Based on real experiences, patient testimonials will take you through the entire treatment process and the recovery period.

However, not every testimonial is real and genuine, some can be manipulated. Hence, don't just blindly rely on every patient's testimonial.

The Last Word

An ideal medical tourist is the one who is well informed before starting a medical travel journey. You can consider the aforementioned sources of information for a better medical tour abroad. It is imperative to make decisions from reliable sources, get a successful medical treatment and stay healthy!

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