There are a number of challenges that you might face while learning to drive. One of them is hydroplaning, which is the skidding or sliding of tires on a wet surface. It should be avoided by every driver, especially the ones who are learning to drive so that they don’t have to face any type of unfortunate incident. So it is always advised by the trainers who help to teach you how to drive to avoid much exposure to the watery surfaces and eventually avoid hydroplaning.

In the following lines, we will have a look at a few essential tips which can help you in avoiding the risk of hydroplaning while driving. So if you are looking to enroll in a driving school to learn how to drive a car, don’t forget to read this blog till the end to avoid the risk of hydroplaning.

Keep the tires inflated

Before you start your lessons at a driving school in Belmont, be sure that the tires are well inflated. This will help you minimize the risk of getting hydroplaned while driving. This is very important to check before you start driving and if you don’t have your own car, then don’t forget to tell the instructor to check the inflation of the tires and whether they have enough air in them or not.

Replace tires if necessary

If you don’t have a tire which is properly inflated, you should look for a replacement tire to avoid the risk of hydroplaning. This is why it is necessary that you enquire about the availability of spare tires that are properly inflated while you start taking the driving lessons in Belmont.

Stay away from water

It is good to stay away from any surface which contains standing water while driving. It not only ensures a good health for your tires and the bottom parts of your car but also helps to avoid the risk of hydroplaning to a great extent. So while driving, don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road and avoid puddles and watery surfaces.

Drive at a slower pace

A stitch in time can save nine. This is perfectly applicable while you are driving. It is always taught at the driving school in Belmont that you should follow the traffic rules and the basics of driving, one of which is to drive your car at a slower pace. This can help you follow the right drivin speed prescribed by the government authorities as well as minimize the risk of getting hydroplaned due to rash driving.

Avoid sharp turns

While turning your car, you should be well aware of the basic rule of not trying to take a sharp turn. This will increase the risk of accidents. If there is a possibility of a watery surface on the turn, you might find it extremely difficult to control the car and might face a mishap. So it is highly recommended that you should always avoid sharp turns while driving the car, especially while learning the basics of driving.


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This piece is penned down by the driving instructor of a leading driving school in Belmont that has expertise on many years in teaching driving lessons in Belmont.