Finding out what’s wrong in your commercial grease trap can require a lot of time. This is unhealthy for your business. If you do not make scheduled grease trap maintenance your priority, major issues can arise. Some of these may even lead to shutting down your business once and for all.

Thus, it is important to know when to contact a professional grease trap maintenance agency. They will ensure that your grease trap is working properly and that it is completely safe. Here are 4 such serious commercial grease trap issues that need professional help.

1. Grease trap flow restrictor– The grease trap flow restrictor allows air to enter the pipe through the inlet. This restricts the amount of water that enters the trap to prevent overflowing. If water flows in too quickly, the trap gets overwhelmed and allows grease to escape. Such blockages are so severe that the grease covers the air vent. If you find grease escaping from your trap, this can be a reason. So, contact a grease trap cleaning agency as soon as you can.

2. Employee injuries – Greasy floors are a potential reason of accidents due to slipping and falling. According to statistical reports, falls and slips top the list of accidents at commercial kitchens. To avoid this, use signboards to remind your staff to wear suitable shoes and maintain cleanliness on the kitchen floor. Most important of all, have a grease trap cleaning agency come and clean your grease trap at regular intervals, preferably in every three months. After all, it is your responsibility, as the owner, to ensure the safety of your staff.

3. Grease fires – Build-up of grease on a duct system or the kitchen hood can lead to fires in your restaurant. Thus, cleaning and getting your ducts and hood sanitized are necessary. There are also regulations that you may need to follow. So, to be on the safe side, opt for a professional agency of grease traps for commercial kitchens that will ensure proper cleaning and maintenance. Fires can cost thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. And more than that, it puts lives in danger. So, cleaning and maintaining regularly is crucial.

4. Grease Trap Smell – Too much accumulation of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) can lead to the spread of bad odor. This means the smell of stagnant meat fat and vegetable oil. Bad odor can be the death knell for any popular restaurants and other such commercial establishments. This is because not only does it affect your staff but also your customers who may not even want to return to your restaurant. This will lead to decrease of sale, bad reviews and finally, your business shutting down.

A grease trap installation services agency is the best way to prevent all these serious issues from occurring. There are many renowned grease trap agencies in Kildare, Ireland, that not only take care of your grease-trap needs but also ensure certified eco-friendly waste disposal. So, if you face any of these issues, contact a professional grease trap agency right away.

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Alan is a famous blogger on grease trap cleaning. In this blog, he mentions 4 commercial grease trap issues that require professional help from a grease trap agency.