Today I’ll be sharing with type of questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. As we all that communication between lovers is very important. Sometimes we might spend time with the people we love and talk so much to an extent we are left blank. The moment when you have nothing to share with your boo that is the moment you should dive deep in these relationship quizzes.

It’s very important to ask questions to your lover. There are usually different aims in asking questions. Ask yourself what do you want to know from your lover? People in relationship ask questions in order to get to understand more the kind of person someone is dating. We all know that when you tell someone to open to you, he/she won’t say everything that you want to hear. This is why it’s important to ask questions in relationship.

If you won’t ask any question in your relationship then there is something wrong with you. Which kind of person are you? Aren’t you curious about the person you are dating? Even if you have known that guy for many years there is still a great part of him or her that you won’t be able to know. If you want to someone then be ready to ask him or her sort of all kind of questions. Sometimes you can get insight of this person that you have never known before.

It’s also fun to ask questions and get answers that you have never expected. It will be like opening new chapters of a novel that you never read before. You will feel like you are exploring him or her. Something you should know before jumping to these relationship quizzes. You have to select an appropriate time for asking these questions.

· Which is this appropriate time for asking these questions?

You can’t ask someone at any time and expect him or her to give you a honest answer even if he or she is your lover. Especially, when you know these questions that you are going to ask are so sensitive. Select every moment for its specific questions.

The first thing you should check on your lover before asking him/her these relationship questions is his/her mood. We are human beings. Our moods will never be the same in all days. Moods swing is something that everyone experiences. We have days which we will wake up and feel so excited and energetic. In this kind of days we will be ready to do any kind of assignment that will be left at our end. A person will even go an extra mile and something that he/she has never been asked to do. In such a mood someone will be very open to you on any kind relationship question you will ask him or her. It’s the time in the times of excitement where a person will be always open and happy to share with you anything that you would want to know.

If someone isn’t in a good mood you will know by the way he/she is handling things. The tone of his or her voice will be completely different. It won’t be the usually tone. You might see him or her gloomy without any reason. His or her conversation with people around won’t be welcoming. When you notice this kind of situation in your lover; don’t bother to ask questions to him or her. Instead, find a way to make him or her feel better.

When you ask him or her relationship questions in this negative mood of his/hers you will not get an appropriate answer. You might annoy him or her. Besides, you will not get an open answer to the questions you want to ask. That is why it’s very important to check on the moods of your partner before asking relationship quizzes.

So, after checking on the moods of your lover you should now find an appropriate time. A suitable time can’t come on its own. You have to plan for that moment. You can make one. Call him or her and plan for a dinner. This can be a suitable time for you to ask him/her the relationship questions that you have been waiting eagerly.

Another moment is when you are all relaxed together with fewer issues on your chest; when you are lying on bed together or on the grassy ground. You can go to the beach together, watch the ocean tides as you talk and ask each other these types of questions I’m going lay down for you.

These are the type of questions you should ask the person you are in relationship with.

1. What made you fall in love with me?

You can ask this question to your lover to what made him or her fall in love with you. This question can help you to get to know the aspects that your partner loved in you. Knowing them will help you take control of them so that you can keep on impressing him or her.

2. Why did you choose me and not someone else?

This question will help you to get more information on your boo. After he/she have told you what made him or her fall in love with you; you can also get to know which thing made him/her to make you her/his priority. There is always something that can make you be on the top of the others. It’s your time to get to know it.

3. What can you do for me?

This is another type of relationship question that will let you know how far your lover is intending to go with you. It’s also through this question that you can get to know the plan he/she has with you in his or her life. Go on asking these questions.

4. What do you like and hate about me?

This is another relationship that you should never forget to ask your lover. It’s very important question by the way. I think this was supposed to be the first question to ask your lover. Anyway, no harm it’s here now. This question will help you to know what your lover sees is best in you and the negative side of you too. Everyone has his/her own flaws. We will never be perfect, I guess you know that. No matter how good you are at impressing someone there is also another side of you that is best at annoying your partner. Get to know the negative side of yourself from your boo and try to keep it on your control.

5. Why did you break up with your ex?

This is a sensitive relationship quiz that many people try to avoid it all cost. I want to tell you that this question is important for you to ask. This question will help you to know more on the past love life of your partner. Knowing the past love life of your boo is something good. This will help you to understand him or her more. There is nothing good in relationship that being attached to a person you understand him/her in and out. This can give you the ability to control some of the events in your relationship.

6. What makes you angry easily?

Yeah! You have to ask this question to your lover so that you can know what makes him or her angry. When you get to know what can make your partner mad you will always know away of pleasing him. We all know the opposite of good is bad. Don’t use his or her weakness to exploit him or her. You will never like the results.

7. What is your worst fear in this relationship?

This question sounds scary. Though, you have to ask him or her. This will let you know what your partner is afraid of happening in your relationship. You will get to know him or her whether he/she cares about the thing you guys are having. Don’t react to the answers, listen to him or her and get to contemplate on them.

8. Can you take a bullet for me?

This relationship type of question usually tests on the sacrifice that your partner can handle because of you. We all know that we will always want to spend our lives with people who are ready to sacrifice everything for our existence. By the way, anyone can answer this question. You have to know it’s not the answer that you will let you know that he or she means it, but it’s by the action.

9. Between me and our children who will you save from drowning?

This is another tough relationship that will make your lover to think so much. This question checks on the responsibility of your partner. On your side who do you think is worth saving? For me I’ll save the children because they will remind of the amazing mother they had. Feel free to leave your answer on the comment section.

10. Which kind of life to do want to live?

You can use this question to get to know which kind of life your partner desires. Is it different from what you are expecting? You can always share and discuss on the type of life that you both desire, so that you all fall on one page. It’s hard to live with a person who is wishing for a very different life that is completely far away from what you want to have.

11. What if I go far away from you for ten years, will you wait for me?

Ask your lover this question. It will help you to know if your partner is ready to hold on your relationship no matter what will happen to you later in life. You will also know if your lover is ready for long distance relationship in case if it happens one day.

12. What makes you so amazing and different from the other guys I met?

This type of relationship question will help you to know more about his or her attitude that he think are the best within himself/herself. This can also enable you to know the hidden part in him or her that you never knew he/she is good at. The things we see in the people around us, sometimes they are not the only things those folks see in themselves.

13. Which character trait in me do you want it to remain forever?

You should also add this question in your relationship quizzes. With this question you will be able to know the best thing in you that your lover wants it to remain within you for eternity. Sometimes the petty things we are fond of and we usually think they are silly, they might be the things that our partners find them unique in us. So, don’t change because someone told you to change. Let someone love you and appreciate you the way you are.

14. What makes you so irresistible?

Now, get to know his or her charms that make you crazy about her/him. This a romantic type of question in which it answers might get you in another situation. No problem with that because he/she your lover. Let it flow.

15. What do you think of me?

This is a relationship quiz that contain so many and elaborated answers about you. Get to know the way someone see you. Do you think he/she sees you as a pretender, a liar, a fraud? Get to know that too.

The relationship questions I have shared with you are no all. There are so many questions that you can use to get to know the kind of person you are in relationship with. Anyway, don’t jump into conclusions when you get the answers. Try to understand why he/she gave you such an answer. Sometimes words might mean so different from the deeds that someone will be doing. Get it straight; don’t force someone to answer a question that he/she feels uncomfortable with. We all human and we will not always share everything that put us in the dark even with our own lovers.

Do you know any probing question that you can share with me?

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